With anticipation, Ye Tian hit his pocket and stared at everything. Yuzryha Day was dumbfounded. Even if he died, he didn’t expect it to contain these things.

It’s hard to believe or know what this Roman king thinks. His huge pockets are full of women’s pants of various shapes and colors, and the most important thing is that these pants are all worn through pants and mixed together to give off a strange smell. Ye Tianzhi frowned and he didn’t know whether the smell was fragrant or smelly.
With a wry smile, I threw the bag at the side. This thing is too ambiguous. A guy like Roman really doesn’t know where he is, so there are so many pieces.
Although it is said that this is a top ring with a product of ten cubic meters, to put it bluntly, it is just a little more than two meters in length, width and height, and it can’t hold much if it is really loaded. As this big bag is brought in, it suddenly opens up.
Later, Ye Tian was diligent and painted a lot of things, and some things were taken to look at one strange thing after another. Ye Tian couldn’t help sighing. This king is not the kui. He really studies women and enjoys women. This guy is a genius.
After a long time, I finally found a huge box buried in a pile of sundries. Now Ye Tian is in sight. From the box packaging, this should be something that Roman took from the auction house.
Ye Tian, who picked it up here, has lost hope. This king knows that some women’s things are better than pants and underwear or some women’s personal things, and the total number accounts for 10% of the total.
Put the box by hand, and Ye Tian brought everything except the suit of armor, golden sword and the bag of money.
Finally, Ye Tian looked at the huge flat box. What would it be? Don’t be a female secret or anything to entertain.
Thinking about Ye Tian, he held the box up and took a deep breath. He slowly hit the box for a moment, and now a quaint longbow is in the box.
Day pain closed his eyes Ye Tianke sure this is definitely a good thing, but no matter how good it is, I didn’t look at the bow inlaid with that spar. Obviously, this is a magic bow.
The bow shape is absolutely cool and handsome. From the outside, the whole body seems to be made of dark gold. The shape is a phoenix with wings, but the color is dark gold
The phoenix’s wings spread, which means a colorful bow string across its wings, is inlaid with an oval transparent spar. This symbol means that this is a magic longbow, not a land warrior to play with.
Gently picked up the longbow, heavy and comfortable, shaking hands, cool Wenxinge modeling, and suddenly it was a pity in Yuzryha, but it was a pity for him.
Snapping in Ye Tian secretly felt sorry for a light ring. When I looked down at the confusion, a thin book fell on Ye Tian’s leg.
Doubt picked up the book with three big characters written on it, saying that Ye Tian, who is familiar with the logo of the auction house, couldn’t help but be curious and turned it over. Although he can’t, it’s not bad to look at the origin of this bow, and maybe he can get a good price.
As Ye Tian ordered six skeletons to explore their slender bones and hands at the same time, Roman’s body was suddenly searched, and even the golden armor was stripped away. Obviously, six skeletons were so impressed with this armor that it gave off a golden light and fully resisted their attack for 3 seconds.
It’s time for Ye Tian to take a deep breath and see six skeletons disappear in the depths of the street like rabbits. Although he may not be able to do these two guys, he must pay the price, which is not in line with Ye Tian’s plan.
Thinking Ye Tianqi Zhan Ji then retreated his legs and ran to see this scene. The two black armor warriors first looked at the corpse on the spot, and then at the Roman king. They turned and flew, and the two guys were red in the eyes.
They know it’s hopeless to live. Now the only thing they want to do is to die here, so they can be considered martyrs. At least the royal family will not be implicated in this incident. They think that the two warriors roared up to the sky and cast a surprise stab regardless of the damage.
Although the stabbing assault is powerful, it must be a long time before it can be put to use for the first time. The blood behind the body will be pushed to the surface by quarrelling, and the fiery quarrelling will push the blood out of the body and it is likely to be killed.
With the roar of the two warriors, two light groups, one red and one blue, flashed and turned into two star-like lights, whistling and rushing towards Ye Tianchong.
Seeing this, Ye Tian was surprised, but it didn’t exceed his expectations. Now that Roman is dead, these two guys can do anything.
Seeing that two light groups are about to boom in Ye Tian’s back, Ye Tian suddenly jumped into the pavilion. At the same time, Ye Tian put a hook on the side of the house, and after two people rushed through, he let go and fell back to the ground, and turned and ran again.
On the speed, the two warriors are indeed faster than Ye Tian. This is something that can’t be done. The earth warrior is the slowest among the three professions. Although there is no high-wind warrior here, the speed of the two black armor warriors is still in Ye Tian.
But don’t forget that the two black armor warriors are wearing heavy armor, while Ye Tian is wearing cloth, which means that the other side is fighting against a hundred pounds of things and chasing speed. The speed of Ye Tian and Tian is much higher than that of Ye Tian.
Looking at running faster and faster, Ye Tian wanted to take off his armor, but if they did, I’m afraid Ye Tian would have disappeared by the time they finished taking off his armor.
Looked at each other, and both of them knew that they would chase each other if they used the assault again, but they had used it twice in a row, and the probability of being killed if they used it again was almost 1.
They took a deep breath and looked at each other. By now, they were white. It was impossible for them to kill this flexible little guy. Since he could avoid it for the first time, there was no way to avoid it for the second time, but even so, they still had to attack. Their only purpose was to die.
Roar upward. In the crazy roar, two groups of light and shadow, one red and one blue, once again turned into stars and flashed toward Ye Tian, showing partiality and solemn and stirring.
Anyone who slows down the camera will clearly find that two black armor warriors are erupting with strong red mist at the same time. This red mist is not made of elements, but is made of purples and blood.
Facing the two men’s assault and stabbing, Ye Tian jumped up deftly, with his hands on the wall beside him, and his body jumped up at the top of the wall with a fierce force. At the same time, two black armor warriors successively bumped into each other and bombarded the wall with severe fractures, and the harsh voice rang.
Look at the two warriors in black who are not self-effacing and fall to the ground. Although they are not dead yet, Ye God knows that they have been sprayed with JingXie all over their bodies, especially the last bump just now, which has broken all the bones and bones, and there is no vitality.
Looking at the two black armor warriors on the ground, Ye Tian felt a little chilly. In fact, Ye Tian didn’t hate them. Everything started with Roman, but the two sides were very resistant, but they avoided becoming enemies.
Looking at the two black armor warriors standing high on the top of the wall, they knew that they were going to die. Only then did they suddenly find that they still had so much to give up, so much to do and so much to blame. They didn’t shoulder Wen Xin Pavilion.