Yi Tianxing was flattered. He wanted to visit his sister’s injury, but Nai Dijun invited him to stay in a good city. The injured were taken care of by doctors.

"Back to the Emperor, at present, there are more than five million human soldiers gathered at the head of the remaining thirteen principalities of the human alliance. These soldiers have gathered in several big cities nearby, and one million people have lost in this battle, so there should be more than three million fighting troops left."
Yi Tianxing said thoughtfully slightly, "In the thirteen principalities, there are already six countries that have no land to crowd the territory of other principalities behind the canyon; In the alliance, the human principality has long been destroyed by the alien alliance, and even the heirs are not fortunate. Now the human alliance has converged a lot of refugees, but due to the tense situation, there are still many human refugees outside who can return to Nai. The human alliance is now trying to converge them. "
Yi Tianxing sighed, and he was most worried about the fate of ordinary people.
How many people have lost their families and their wives together in the war!
The destruction of a principality will lead to the displacement of hundreds of thousands and millions of people!
However, Su Yu gave Yi Tianxing a good news.
"That’s a nuisance."
Su Yu said indifferently, "Before I came, I have sent Chen Qun to lead some principalities of the Hundred Nationalities Alliance to converge human refugees all over the eastern continent to take them back to the Chinese Empire for compensation; Moreover, I have informed the mainland that if any human refugee is bullied by an alien, he will kill one person and destroy his country according to the old rules! "
Su Yu’s words shocked Yi Tianxing.
It is not surprising that the Chinese Empire can order some small foreign principalities, but Su Yu’s attitude makes people feel terrible!
When did Su Da become so overbearing! Killing a Terran means destroying the other country!
Does the Yanhuang Empire really have the Terran to dare the enemy of the whole continent?
When Yi Tianxing was shocked and suspicious, his lieutenant rushed to report.
Lieutenant glanced at Su Yu’s hand upon some hesitations and said, "I don’t know if I should say something if the guard has an urgent report."
"Say no harm!"
Yi Tianxing waved and shouted, "If he didn’t trust Su Yu, the human alliance should have been destroyed."
"Report to my guard just now from the rear alliance department. A month ago, a war broke out in northern Xinjiang of Yanhuang Empire. The general named Leitian once again sent troops to the ogre empire. By the end of the intelligence, he had slaughtered five cities of ogres and killed four ogres! I’m afraid he’s about to attack the ogre imperial city if the final estimate is correct. "
The lieutenant took a deep breath and said, "As far as the late generals know, the reason why Leitian sent troops to the ogre empire this time was because an ogre soldier injured several Chinese people in the Nanjiang River, and Su Dadi was furious that whoever killed him would destroy the country!"
Lieutenant didn’t dare to look up at Su Yu after saying this sentence.
Because he said that information is information of the Chinese Empire! The empire that killed the ogre with one man and one army on the day of Leitian simply reared its head!
This matter has spread all over the eastern continent, and all countries and races have fallen into the hegemony that shocked the Soviet Emperor. It is really amazing.
It really is to destroy a country!
This ogre empire has been quickly hit by people to the imperial city!
"The emperor that leitian"
Yi Tianxing suddenly felt a little silly. He turned his head and looked at Su Yu muttering to himself.
"Yes, I ordered him to send troops."
Su Yu said smilingly, "I can also have an excuse to send troops to the human alliance;" This will also make the 100 ethnic groups in the East China converge and facilitate Chen Qun to protect human refugees back to the Chinese Empire. "
The emperor did all this for the human alliance?
It’s all after the war, the family is ruined, the human refugees are killed?
Rao Yi Tianxing is a seven-foot man. At this time, he couldn’t help but have a sour voice on his nose and said hoarsely, "Emperor, they are a group of ordinary people. Why bother with the layout of Emperor?"
"You fucking little! Life is expensive in my eyes! Expensive! Why don’t they deserve our help! "
Su Yu smiled indifferently, pointing to Yi Tianxing’s criticism.
The human alliance has been destroyed, so many displaced people in the principality are all so worried by Su Yu, a unit of measurement.
After all, these are all people!
Ready-made population! Pure Terran!
Don’t do it for nothing!
If the Chinese Empire wants to develop its own population, it will never increase its population by 10 million in ten years.
It’s the ogre empire that has pity on them. They have become Su Yu’s chicken to scare the East China and his ogre empire must be destroyed.
"The emperor said yes."
Yi Tianhang took a deep breath and hurriedly proffering flaming "emperor’s sense of honor! Hitoshi! Grace! Heaven has no teeth, and it will never be forgotten. Heaven thanked the emperor for his kindness on behalf of the suffering millions of refugees! "
"Don’t thank me in a hurry"
Su Yu squinted leisurely and said, "I have one more thing to discuss with you."
Chapter 313 Don’t live tonight!
Yi Tian xing yi leng mobile phone br >
Emperor Su, with a million elite troops, has a vast territory. Does the Emperor still have something to discuss with me?
"Please show me."
Yi Tianxing said carefully
"This time I sent troops to the human alliance, and naturally I don’t want to see the human alliance being defeated."
Su Yu responded flat and agile and said, "I want you to send troops! And on behalf of the human alliance, led the disabled people and principalities into the Chinese Empire! "
Send troops!
Incorporate into the Chinese Empire!
Yi Tianxing was speechless when he was surprised.
To tell you the truth, Yue Gongguo and Yi Tianxing people agree with this matter with both hands and feet.
However, Nai Yi Tianxing appeared as the commander-in-chief of the human alliance army, and his every move affected all the human principalities, so that he could easily agree to come.
"The emperor into the Chinese empire if this matter on the principality is willing to the whole country to vote! But tianxing cannot represent his human principality! "
Yi Tianxing repeatedly carefully replied.
To be honest, he is one hundred people who are unwilling to refuse Su Yu’s strong Chinese empire, which is obvious to all! Looking at the whole East China, the most powerful human race is the Yanhuang Empire!
And the principality of Yue is famous for its race. Yi Tianxing was educated from childhood, but now Yi Tianxing is the commander-in-chief of the army, not the leader of the human alliance.
Plus, Yi Tianxing is a very responsible person. He can’t be unaware of the situation in the principality of human beings. He and his country agreed to merge into the Chinese Empire.
Su Yu smiled dismissively with the wave and said, "Then we will discuss this matter later! I came here today to help the human alliance defeat the alien alliance, but the soldiers must be given to me! "
Three million soldiers are the last possessions of the human alliance.
Yi Tianxing took a bitter deep breath in his mouth and refused "Emperor Tianxing can’t send troops"
Sue stepped in the previous step and thundered, "Are you unappreciative? My Chinese empire has come a long way to support your war. You can’t expect us to beat the other side’s army of more than 10 million with 600 thousand troops! "