And this Zhang Zhong not only defeated the Tiger and Leopard Army, but also counted the Tiger and Leopard Army and watched the successful breakthrough …

This has to make people feel happy that they have been rushed to the Nanjing court …
Even though Zhang Zhong is no longer an official of the imperial court at this moment, in the eyes of the imperial court, Zhang Zhong’s troops were learned when he was an official of the imperial court.
The court, which deceived itself, directly regarded the victory of Zhangzhongdingbian County as a victory of the court.
After hearing the news that the Tiger and Leopard Army suffered defeat in the battlefield, the Palace in Nanjing was depressed from the moment it entered Nanjing, and it was very rare for Chongzhen’s face to show a smiling face.
Faced with this situation, the commander of the new Royal Guards followed closely and continued to tell, "There is good news here … According to the news that the Royal Guards Ningxia Secret Agent came back …"
"Zhang back to Ningxia forces although there are more than one thousand people! But this more than one thousand people equipped their battlefield captured butch army field troops firearms equipment … Fighting capacity is very strong … "
"In just five days, Zhang Zhongli benefited from the more than 1,000 elite defeat activities in Ningxia … Zhang Zhonghui’s troops also expanded to an astonishing 10,000 people for a short time …"
"I believe that when I want to give Zhang enough, he will retrain an elite team to continue fighting the butch army …"
The command of the Royal Guards made everyone excited like a stimulant for Chongzhen and the minister in the hall.
However, this excitement did not last long and was interrupted by a sentence from cabinet records!
"Wang Daren, how can you ensure that Zhang Zhong will go back to find the butch army to continue fighting with it after he recovers his strength … You should know that although Zhang Zhong won a battle on the sidelines, the price paid for this victory was very high …"
"If I were Zhang Zhong, I would never touch the eyebrows of the butch army again … but aim the soldiers at places like Sichuan without much threat … that is, the provinces controlled by my court …"
Now the imperial court has received a lot of gold and silver support from the landlords and gentry in the south of the Yangtze River. Although it has trained 100,000 new troops at one time and equipped a large number of advanced firearms from Portugal and other countries …
But these new armies were set up to deal with the tiger and leopard army.
Since its establishment, these new armies have been stationed in Anhui and Henan provinces bordering Shandong, Shanxi and other places.
Sichuan, which borders Ningxia and other places, is still garrisoned with the old imperial army without much fighting capacity …
You can be sure that once the records become a fact, defending the old Sichuan army will never be Zhang Zhong’s opponent.
Thought of here, except for the command of the Royal Guards, everyone’s face was covered with a thick dignified expression …
At this moment, the young Royal Guards’ commander once again said, "Please be assured by your adults … I guarantee that Zhang Zhong has absolutely no chance to attack Sichuan … Zhang Zhong hasn’t had a chance to get his hands on the imperial court to control Sichuan …"
"I here intelligence reality … eliminate all the rebels in Shaanxi butch army fifth army didn’t retreat at all. Not only that, this army also replenished a lot of ammunition … not surprisingly, this butch army has another purpose, which is to attack Ningxia …"
"It is inferred that the fifth army of the Tiger and Leopard Army will enter Ningxia in half a month at the latest …"
Unexpectedly, the commander of the Royal Guards reacted most after saying this sentence, not Chongzhen, but cabinet records …
As soon as the words of the conductor were finished, the pavilion records were full of excitement when the hall rang …
"No, Ningxia is under the jurisdiction of the imperial court. Even if it is necessary to send troops to destroy the rebels, it should be that the imperial court sends troops, but it is not the butch army … Once the butch army is used to the wind, it will become the butch army in Ningxia …"
"Mr. Chen pleaded with him to stop the butch army from entering Ningxia …"
Emperor Chongzhen, who was conceited two years ago, would have said such a thing if no one woke up.
But after two consecutive years of various blows, Emperor Chongzhen has thoroughly watched …
For today’s court and yourself, no matter how important it is, there is no real benefit …
Even if there were no riots in Ningxia, Emperor Chongzhen wanted to throw it away.
Because of the annual drought, Ningxia not only did not bring income to the court, but also consumed a lot of relief money from the court every year. In Chongzhen’s eyes, Ningxia had already become a burden that the court wanted to lose but could not lose.
Now it’s not easy to touch such a good opportunity, and Chongzhen will certainly not miss it …
After hearing the news that the Tiger and Leopard Army is about to send troops to Ningxia and occupy Ningxia, Chongzhen’s face expression has not changed at all, as if it were nothing like himself.
Chapter seven hundred and eleven Governor Gan Ning
But cabinet and records of words on the other hand to chongzhen a wake up, let chongzhen eyes a bright suddenly thought of an excellent way to deal with butch army …
Thinking about Chongzhen, a pair of eyes actually shot out two eyes full of hot eyes.
Several ministers at the same time look at the heart has made a decision chongzhen decisive mouth way …
"Ai-qing zhang is right. I really should … but I want to give a will to butch army and a will to Ningxia Zhang Zhong …"
Just when most ministers’ faces showed a puzzled expression, the young face unexpectedly showed a meaningful expression under the command of the Royal Guards.
Emperor Chongzhen stared at a thoughtful face and asked, "Do you want to have Zhang Zhong and let Zhang Zhong continue to serve in the court …"
After seeing Emperor Chongzhen nodded his head by default, the command of the Royal Guards made his eyes bright and his face excited. "Pursuit English, if the court can really have Zhang Zhong, let Zhang Zhong serve the court again … Zhang Zhong’s adult can only add the court’s backing to give him equipment and financial support … Zhang Zhong’s adult will definitely give the butch army a heavy blow in the summer and rub the arrogance of the butch army …"
Then several cabinet ministers finally reacted.
Face quickly flashed a look of an epiphany, and at the same time, it was followed by a compliment from the command of the Royal Guards …
"Pursuit of English … I wait to support pursuit of ideas …"
"Good …" Several old ministers complimented Emperor Chongzhen and became complacent.
Without thinking about it, I decided, "It is intended that the Northern Wang Weizheng Ningxia belongs to the province under the jurisdiction of the imperial court. Even if there is a riot, the imperial court should send troops to enter Ningxia for a flat sentence … I think the butch and leopard troops are not allowed to enter Ningxia …"
"The former Ningxia company commanders Zhang Zhongzhen read that you once worked for the court and made a lot of contributions to the court … today, let bygones be bygones for your participation in the riot … today, the governor of Gansu and Ningxia is sealed, and all the troops in Gansu and Ningxia and the butch army is forbidden to enter Ningxia and Gansu …"
"If you get the order, Governor Gan Ning and I will charter you to form and train fifty thousand new imperial troops in Gansu and Ningxia provinces to fight against the butch army to form a new army …"
"Said the court sincerity I sincerity … to Zhang Daren and seal the decree to fight against the butch army. The court horse transferred silver from Sichuan with 502,000 grain and 50,000 grenades, 20,000 muskets with 5,000 gunpowder and 5,000 kilograms to support the Governor’s Office of Gansu and Ningxia to ensure that the butch army could not enter Gansu and Ningxia provinces alone …"
Governor Gan Ning … When Chongzhen spoke this official name, several etiquette consciousness thought of Wei Zheng who had taken the responsibility of Governor Shan Shan.
In their eyes, Wei Zheng can change from the governor of two provinces to a warlord … He can do the same in Zhang Zhong
After the words of Chongzhen, several Mr. Chen did not hesitate to kneel down and ask Chongzhen to withdraw the imperial edict even if he knew that his next trip was an anti-imperial edict …