Bu Pingfan vaguely heard someone talking about it, but he didn’t show up. From a distance, he could learn more about the situation through the five-kilometer live survey of Ji Xian Tong.
"A demon? Yes, this demon should be strong and boundless to be so fast, but they are facing it now? "
Cloth ordinary or holding the bystander mind to watch their Lingshan 【 Xuanxue 】 surface soil biological battle.
From a distance, Bu Pingfan saw the iconic flags of Qin Kunzong and some flags of Donglingmen that he had never seen before.
"Qin Kunzong … Dongling Gate … Extreme Gate …"
Cloth ordinary forces count as many as fifteen forces, which surprised cloth ordinary a little.
But he didn’t know that the forces behind the dragon and tiger creatures attacked Lingshan when they merged, and there were more than 30 forces combined.
These are nothing to the ordinary root of a man. He is waiting to reap the benefits, even if he has forty or fifty forces, he will not have any influence.
He just lay dormant here and waited for another few days. He didn’t move, and his body was covered with purple bamboo leaves. Now he really turned into a savage.
Fifteen forces are sitting on the floor with their eyes closed, some are nervous, and some seem to be quite impatient when pacing around.
Cloth ordinary also glanced at the demon saint lurking place, where there is a huge cave, whether there will be some cold snow and turbid air pouring out.
There is a huge footprint not far in front of the cave, which is 100 feet long to form a huge pit.
This huge footprint was caused by the loud noise that disturbed Bu Pingfan.
Around here, it is very strong, and it is still a bit dizzy to be trampled out of such a deep pit.
"It seems that there is trouble …"
Chapter four hundred and fifty Lurking
Cloth ordinary slowly got up and stared at the front. He moved very slightly and no one noticed.
"I don’t know how long? Why don’t you go in first and avoid it in Tongbao Capsule? "
He thought that the horse would rush into the treasure capsule here.
"Roar …"
Suddenly a loud roar came from the huge cave.
Let the ordinary cloth just blink, teleport, gather the energy, and then dormant again to sit tight.
Boom, a monster rushed out of that huge cave.
I’ve been waiting outside for the fifteen forces to wake up. They are happy, frowning and excited …
"You must kill this demon directly together so that you can get to a card."
"Yeah, it’s been dragging on here for too long. We can’t drag on like this anymore."
"Everybody together …"
They all rushed at the demon saint in high spirits.
Cloth ordinary see really think that demon is very unusual not to be underestimated.
I saw a pair of creepy-crawly human wings behind the demon, which were full of potholes and bumps, with a faint dusty color and a sharp ShaQi pervading.
This demon is not very big, it is three times as tall as an adult, and its bones are thick. It has three eyes staring at the place, powerful people have a pair of sharp swords and claws, and it looks very strange.
Throw away those strange things. The demon also has a pair of fleshy wings without feathers. It looks like a knot in one’s heart. At this time, it has been suspended for several feet from the ground, and the meat wings behind it are rapidly inciting.
"It’s not as good as a worm who is greedy for life. Don’t blame the demon for giving you a ride today!"
After this demon saint finished speaking, he quickly went to Donglingmen and Qinkun Sect … These forces attacking Lingshan swooped down and their feet were suffocating with a crushing breath.
Not far away, Bu Pingfan secretly lost heart when he saw this scene. He knew how powerful the blow was, and the outside world was enough to destroy a big force like Qin Kunzong.
You can do this with one blow. The offensive is really endless
"Are these demons or demons? Isn’t this Lingshan captured? How did the previous group of people demon and demon together? "
This makes the cloth ordinary puzzled, but the wonderful scene is about to be performed, and he doesn’t care about things that he doesn’t care about.
The demon saint is like a demon missile, which cuts through the air and splashes several times. The dazzling fire and gas explode violently and dive madly.
Fang from Dongling Gate sent a man to maintain order, ordered his staff to spread quickly and threw various instruments and some attack instruments at the demon saint.
Bang …
In an instant, the big demon directly broke out of a big pit, flying sand and stones, and smoke and dust rolled everywhere, and a devastating destruction was filled.
Blink of an eye, there is a wide range of cracks around this huge pit, and some soil layers are rolling down.
Donglingmen, Qinkun Sect … These forces are desperately fleeing and panicked.
Big demon feet can also faintly see a few meat sauce general figures being directly crushed.
Everyone was shocked and didn’t see the power of this big demon with their own eyes. I really didn’t know it was powerful. Many people gasped.
Cloth ordinary also saw the dizziness, so the offensive was too horrible. Can he deduce his own strength to fight against it?
"If this offensive is not covered with three colors of energy, there will be all the power bonuses of the fairy equipment to compete."
His previous guess may come true again. There is really a big problem here.
"This group of cultivators is estimated to die by a quarter, but I think he should be able to change the situation back."
He gave this evaluation and looked at a middle-aged man in Dongling Gate who was full of energy, wearing a silver crown and armor.
This man’s name is Xiao Xianren, and he is capable and handsome.
There was an uproar ahead, and everyone was horrified, but it was difficult to continue bleeding when attacking Lingshan.
"Rush! Kill! "
These near-paralyzing forces, the commander of Dongling Gate, Xiao Xian, soon formed a team to form an offensive counterattack and kill back.
Most of the big demon’s fists are hard to defeat with four hands. It has been attacked a lot and there have been many scars on its body.
Ho …
It roared with gangfeng and swept all the people in the field directly, and some people directly blew away.
This roaring GangFeng mixed with billowing flames filled with madness.
Cloth ordinary winding is well informed. I didn’t think that this big demon is an ordinary roar that can stimulate this power.
Facing Gangfeng, these forces are still desperately attacking the big demon group to fight together.