Ning Shuying and I looked at each other and had a tacit understanding. We picked up the tombstone next to the stone on the edge of the graveyard, raised it and slammed it at the hard stone "pound!" Rectangular tombstone instantly a fraction of dust flying in the sun …

Lin Muxia took a deep breath. She looked down at her hands and said, "It’s worth it to have so much energy to listen to the sound! Hehe! "
"Calm down, Lin Dajiao." I stopped at her back with three rows of buttons. The spectators don’t want to be crooked, but they are separated by a layer of clothes. My heart says that this multifunctional police flower is still a girl after all, showing her sexual side at the moment.
"I’m fine!" Lin Muxia is gearing up. She is eager to try. "Dear people are coming to dig the grave!"
I held her shoulder and said, "Just give it to us for a while."
Ning Shuying threw me a cold iron flying knife, and we dug it up in full swing. I have to say that Lin Muxia did a really good job of stepping on the hard soil. After about a quarter of an hour, there was a layer of stones. The skeleton was revealed and Sun Dasheng identified the scene of burying the body. The scene of Di Cang’s infection with the poisonous method was still vivid. Ning Shuying didn’t play to death this time. We were afraid to jump out of the gloves worn by poisonous methods again …
"Just pick a hand bone. If you take too much, are you still going to cook a big bone soup?" Lin Muxia joked.
This is that Lin Muxia I know! I jokingly said, "You’re weak and I’ll make up for your stew."
Dump the extra bones in the snakeskin bag. I took a hand bone, stuffed it, and symbolically reburied the bones. After ten o’clock, Lin Muxia returned to the foot of the mountain. She drove her own car, and I almost lost my strength. The three of us arrived at the city bureau Identification Bureau in two cars.
Lao Zhang Shun and others seem to have gone to the canteen for lunch. There is no one in Identification Bureau. We just waited in the corridor for everyone to come back. Lao Zhang didn’t ask him to attend work in the east of the city. Lin Muxia rushed Xiaobai to hook his hand and threw a plastic bag with a hand bone to him. "Shuai Shuai Xiaobai please check the source of a bone."
Small white face wry smile way "what is me …"
Lin Muxia lost a sentence with me, Ning Shuying quick march left a small white hand bone on the stairs in front of Identification Bureau to meditate. Then I asked Lin Muxia where I went. She said that she would go to the North Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine to find Yokogawa Yasuke and want to see what medicine Ding Shaoke’s younger brother was selling in the gourd.
At this time, Jiang Tianci called and he said stupidly, "Ling Yu, I accidentally got up late … As a result, I went to the department alone. She said that Mu Xia was missing. How did you and Ning Gong go to find it?"
"Lin Muxia is all right, you can rest assured to help and wan wan said." I slammed my head and said that I was careless when I found Lin Muxia. I was full of thinking about Ding Shaoke’s carelessness and forgot to report peace.
Lao Jiang chuckled, "It’s good that people are okay."
Hang up. I saw Lin Muxia clenching the steering wheel through the Cruze windshield. The eyelids attract each other like two poles of a magnet. This fatigue driving will definitely lead to something! I asked her to drag Cruze into the back seat of my car. Ning Shuying stepped on the gas pedal and headed for the North Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. When she arrived at the destination, Lin Muxia was sleeping soundly. We knew that she had been up all night and was very tired until now. She didn’t disturb her. She pushed the car door tightly and Ning Shuying and I got into the staff ladder and pressed the negative second floor.
The dim light reflected the corridor corpse keeper’s separate room. It’s easy to find it. Just across from Taiping Oblique, Ning Shuying’s finger buckled a flying knife. I knocked on the door and then pushed the door. "You two are here …"
"Ding Shaoke, I think you know him." I’m not going to cut to the chase. "Where is he?"
"My brother? Dead for several years "Yokogawa vector interface puzzling way.
I grunted coldly, "I refuse to admit that you called Ding Shaoke’s ex-girlfriend at around four o’clock yesterday afternoon to tell each other about your brother’s death and the graveyard … and then we found out that" Shimatai Hiroshi died.
"Wait! Officer, "Yokogawa interrupted me, and his eyes were foggy." Did I call his ex-girlfriend? "
"Didn’t you fight?" I was stupefied and suspicious. "Where were you then?"
Yokogawa Yasuke said, "I live here for 24 hours!"
"You didn’t work at four o’ clock? What about the south home? " Ning thin film interjected
"There’s no shift for this worker. You see, when no body is sent or taken away, I’ll sleep in my room or look at the class." Yokogawa Yasuke pointed to the door and spread his palm. "My father had entrusted a friend to sell it."
"Who can prove that you didn’t leave the hospital at that time?" I stared at his pupil and tried to find a little panic, but in the end I failed.
"Dr. Xiao and Nurse Xiao Liu"
Yokogawa Yasuke jogged to the desk and rummaged through a pile of materials. He caught a passage saying, "This is a corpse distributed at 4: 5 yesterday afternoon. Ask them if you don’t believe it."
"You’d better tell the truth." I took Shan Chongning’s thin film and nodded. He stayed here and watched me take the ladder and went to the corresponding department to find Yokogawa Yasuke. He said that two people did as Yokogawa Yasuke said. At about four o’clock, they sent the body to Taiping and made Yokogawa Yasuke back up.
I returned to the second floor and returned the bill to Yokogawa. I suddenly asked, "Did you see Ding Shaoke’s ex-girlfriend qq reply to you yesterday?"
“qq?” Yokogawa Yasuke wondered, "No". He was afraid that I wouldn’t believe me. I took out my mobile phone to make a dynamic call. After careful reading, I really didn’t reply to Lin Muxia’s message. When Lin Muxia and Ding Shaoke were in love, he left a message. Yokogawa Yasuke smiled, "I don’t know how long it took you to steal my number .. She replied that I couldn’t see it even if I had clairvoyance!"
"Oh, so that’s it." I know that if I continue to ask, I’m doomed to get nothing. After all, when the witness is there, I’m coming. Yokogawa Yasuke’s mobile phone number waved to Ning Shuying and said, "Let’s go."
Yokogawa Yasuke stopped me and said, "Wait … I’ve been looking for Brother Ke for years, but he hasn’t heard from me for five or six years. My father is worried that something has happened to my family, but do you mean you have heard from Brother Ke?"
Chapter four hundred and sixty-one Tremble chrysanthemum!
"No" I didn’t have the mood to take the stairs from the second floor with this suspected necrophilia ghost. Then we went to the management and personnel department. Yokogawa Yasuke left his mobile phone number. When he joined the company, as the nurse said, Yokogawa Yasuke ate and lived in the branch three years ago. When he went out a few times, he added some workers in the living room, which was called "the house is peaceful and beautiful"
It seems that this person is innocent, but I don’t believe that he is all the evidence so easily. According to the temporary method of speaking, we came up with a targeted plan. When we walked to the first floor, we saw two acquaintances, Zhu Wu and the pencil necked stall owner, queuing up to register, so Jeannin took a photo and went back to the car first. When I gathered at the registration office, I put my hands on their shoulders and joked, "Is Lao Gou Wu coming to see a doctor?"
The owner of the pencil necked stall shivered and he exclaimed, "My mother scared me to death. Brother Ling, can you stop sneaking around?"
I laughed, "Accidental Encounter"
"Five and I took Zhejiang three donkeys for thirty thousand dollars and approved some clothes to sell." The pencil necked stall owner opened his collar and complained, "Today, I met a group of fierce urban management goods in a stall nearby, and it still hurts now … I was unlucky to go to my grandmother’s house."
"Did they hit someone?" My anger rises way
"No," said Zhu Wu, drooping his head. "I fell when I ran."
After chatting for five minutes, the pencil necked vendor pressed Zhu Wu’s head and said, "Don’t worry, Ling Xiaoge."
"Please, then," I said happily, urging me to take out my fencing and hand it to him. "You can play with this thing if you see me. If you can’t beat the other side!"
The owner of the pencil necked stall was so happy that I remembered how to do it. Then I said goodbye to each other and ran to the gate of the hospital to stop. I found Lin Muxia sleeping in Xiangning’s thin film while holding a sharp flying knife for manicure. He said, "Ling Yu is waiting for me. Look at Yokogawa Yasuke?"
I couldn’t find a way to start the car and drive the two brothers back to die.
The tragedy of eliminating classes in Tiannan No.16 Middle School has begun, and the pressure is not as tight as before, so the pace of work is relaxed.
I shook my head and smiled, and didn’t bother him to practice carrying Lin Muxia and move to the lounge. Then I found Lin Wanwan’s warm feelings. In the past two months, I accidentally snubbed her, but Wan Wan was very sensible and quietly didn’t blame me. She showed her understanding and support. I took off my coat for ten minutes, and her hands kept wandering for treatment. I didn’t do it for many days. The pain was worse than when I first started. I wanted to burst into tears!
I was tired at the end and closed my eyes …
About three hours of sleep, I opened my eyes and fell to the table to prepare drugs. My whole heart was intoxicated. Her concentration was extremely charming. I kissed her face and dragged her into the office. Lao Jiang and Ning Shuying were doing business like fire and water, playing games, and Zheng Zheng moved a chair to sit next to her.
I sit in the top corner chair of my desk. This is the exclusive seat of the old fox.
If the wheel of fate can always freeze this picture, how comfortable and comfortable it would be. Everyone stays with each other all day like a tight rope, as if they would never feel bored.
My only regret is that without love, the sloppy old fox feels that everything is no longer complete, and the old people will come to the new ones. We will have to wait for a day, and I don’t know how many people will come to take the baton from the unconventional department in this remote small courtyard. Those archives have not come to handle the cold cases. Is it dusty or solved …
"Ding Rinrin!"
The desk phone kept ringing. I dragged it near by the phone line and saw that it was the Identification Bureau number. I picked up the phone and put it to my ear and said, "Xiaobai?"
"LingGe ….." Small white seems to have what difficult affair he sweetly shouted a sentence.
I wondered, "Did you get the result of identifying that hand bone?"
"No, oh, no," Xiao Bai hesitated. "The dna taken from the hand bone has been checked several times and the source has not been found."
"You mustn’t tell me that there is something wrong with the dna library …" My eyelids churned.
"There is absolutely no loophole in the dna library!" Small white excited way soon he is like a frustrated ball "but check this person, maybe the deceased is not a Chinese native or has not taken dna information".