The most important thing in the Wulin Jianghu is to respect teachers and respect Taoism, but it happened that Xu was his disciple of the Three Elders.

Didn’t the Third Elder crush the baby on himself?
"Don’t …"
Three elders were about to say something. The look suddenly blew up all over.
"Beware of an ambush!"
Not only did the three elders feel the peak fighters Liu Guoliang felt it.
When the Three Elders’ voice fell and everyone became alert, clouds of jack-o’-lantern emerged from the depths of the dark forest and attacked the more than 200 Wulin in a flash.
"Yin ghost lu means! Be careful! "
Ghost Lu people release a jack-o’-lantern which is more powerful than arrows, and when it touches blood, it will release toxic gas. The injured person will die unless the injured body part is cut off immediately, and it makes no difference if the head is injured.
Jack-o’-lantern has always been a very taboo means for people in Jianghu.
"Bang bang!"
Although the peak fighters reacted, there were still many ordinary fighters and early fighters who were hit by jack-o’-lantern and screamed immediately.
The shrill scream sounded like a ghost crying in the whole forest, which added a layer of thick fog and haze to everyone’s heart.
Everyone’s mood is extremely heavy.
And not only those young ordinary fighters are weak in the early stage, but some middle-stage fighters and some late-stage fighters are also injured. Some of them are more ruthless and can cut off some bravery directly from the injured arm or thigh. Compared with the younger brother, he was poisoned in screams.
You know, many brothers who come out to sharpen their skills are practicing in ivory towers for a long time. It’s easy to get confused when this happens. Where do you want to cut off your limbs?
Each clan forces elders peak fighters are instantaneous pupil shrinks big drink a way "all brother alert! Don’t accidentally lose your life because of the cunning means of the three major demons! "
Although both sides will die in the struggle between justice and evil, no force is willing to sacrifice too much.
Moreover, after this tempering, it can be said that many forces are brought out as the mainstay of the future of people with great power and talent.
Liu Guoliang is a dzogchen warrior. Although he is a bit arrogant, he immediately reacted after a round of personnel losses and shouted, "Be careful in the past!"
Liu Guoliang woke up a little, but not much because of his weak strength. Some people were already late even if they were vigilant, because at this time, they suddenly jumped out of their one-meter-long black horns.
A lot of people are directly pierced by sharp corners, which is called misery rather than blood spattering.
This is exactly what the holy religion’s corner stake technique can conquer many justice sects’ joint arrays.
You know, people’s normal defense will defend against the outside world, and where will they defend their feet?
However, these three magic religions and one holy religion just have this corner pile technique, which makes people hard to prevent.
The three magic religions are Yin Ghost Lu and Shengjiao Maoshan Group.
A wave of panic has passed since the attack on the holy church of Yin Ghost House, and they reluctantly reacted to guard against the jack-o’-lantern corner pile technique, but the first wave of offensive of Maoshan Group has arrived at this time.
With a whistle, dark shadows suddenly rose from the darkness and sneaked in like a flash.
These shadows are all human, but they are all wrapped in black gauze, and even their eyes are not leaking out.
How can they see the enemy without eyes?
They don’t need to see the enemy at all because … They are not people!
So many peak fighters, a dzogchen fighter, didn’t find any ambush in the forest. It was precisely because the ambush in the forest recently was not a person but a zombie puppet of Maoshan Group.
These zombie puppets are not real zombies, but a puppet art of Maoshan Group.
There is always a big cellar in the place where Maoshan Group is located. These cellars are divided into many small cellars. In each cellar, ten living people are detained and let them fight by themselves. It is also the evil things specially refined by Maoshan Group that make these ten people gradually become a terror puppet in the process of killing and cultivating evil things.
Every ten living people can forge a powerful zombie puppet in two weeks.
The ghost house and the holy people are different. The Maoshan people are so weak that they can’t even beat an ordinary boxer, but everyone has a very good zombie puppet technique and is refined successfully. Zombie puppets are not only very obedient and psychic, but also can be manipulated with their master’s language and their bodies are very tough.
Zombie puppet strength did not say that there are ordinary fighters. Once born, it is the weakest and comparable to the initial fighters.
Some zombie puppets are born strong, and when they are refined into zombie puppets in a small cellar, they eat evil, and the refining quality is very good. When they are trained, their strength is directly comparable to that of mid-term fighters.
And if there is a cellar to directly refine the birth of a hundred-person puppet, it is comparable to the mid-term fighters, and a certain probability is comparable to the late fighters.
This is the reason why everyone in Maoshan Group is punished! They are too evil and too miserable!
Chapter four hundred and forty-five Three magic teachings
The ghosts and holy religions are all evil and murderous, but it is the Maoshan Group that really hurts.
The Maoshan Group is not strong physically, but everyone is protected by a group of zombie puppets, which is also a terrible place for the Maoshan Group.
Of course, this is a miserable and humane place for the Maoshan Group.
Every member of the Maoshan Group has 100 people’s blood on his hands.
And it’s a small cellar for ten people, a cellar for hundreds of people, a cellar for 300 people and a cellar for hundreds of people.
Since ancient times, how many people have died in Maoshan?
The leader of Wulin once ordered the ghosts to kill those who saw the holy church, but children under the age of three could not be killed. After all, that was tantamount to unconscionability, but if they met Maoshan people, even pregnant women had to be executed on the spot.
They spared a group of Maoshan children, and I don’t know how many people will die in the future.
Maoshan Group is not the strongest of the three religions, but it is definitely the most terrible and disgusting of the three religions. Sometimes even the ghosts and saints hate Maoshan Group very much.
But no matter what others say, this is Mao Shanqun’s style of doing things and their ability to stand on their feet in the world
If heaven doesn’t come back to them, they will continue to be evil.
The historical Maoshan Group was destroyed by the Wulin path three times, but it has revived three times in a row.
No one knows how many kinds of preparations for the recovery of future generations have been arranged by the Maoshan Group.
Not to mention how hateful the Maoshan Group is. At this moment, after the big army lost its troops, it encountered a sudden raid on the zombie puppet of the Maoshan Group and was caught off guard again. Because the puppet zombie no longer belongs to the living category, its insides have been replaced by evil refining, and it is a puppet.