It is also understandable that he did not accept Chai Lingqing’s confidence.

"I haven’t thought about those three conditions yet, but I won’t ask for too much courtesy. Is that ok?"
After thinking for a long time, Ye Yu didn’t find that he needed the conditions very much. This is also a defect of the dragon or the magic lamp. Every time he makes a wish, he seems very anxious and doesn’t want to think that ordinary people may faint with excitement when they encounter this opportunity.
You should give more time to think. It’s so inhuman to wish for something.
After hearing that Chai Lingqing was lost in thought, she looked up and said, "What you said is too risky for me. If you attack me in a hurry, it will be extremely unfavorable for me. I can relax the limit for you. If it doesn’t involve my peace and interests, I can meet your two conditions!"
"Two?" Ye Yu blinked puzzled. Is his math already so bad?
"That’s right. You didn’t want to bargain with me about specific matters. It’s too early for you to come back when you are more mature!"
"If I were you, I would choose her to make up the milk and then there will be miscellaneous fish!"
Although Lu’s speech is shocking, Ye Yi can silently carry it home and copy it to the transcript. Now he can think about whether it is worth it or not.
Is it worthwhile to exchange your image in front of the public for such an opportunity?
It’s a pity that too many things can’t be answered accurately before they happen. Whether it’s worth it or not will be known until it happens.
"Well, I agree to talk about your plan. What do you want me to do to choose the program?" Ye Yu said seriously.
"Don’t worry about this. Two days before this activity, the classroom farce has a wider audience, and it is also necessary to consider that it is best for girls to cultivate Lu Mi Fensi to make her higher status in the hearts of the people, so that the maximum effect can be achieved."
Chai Lingqing gently said that Lu Lu did not move, but judging from her slight frown, she still had some resistance to such movement.
What’s more, she was never interested in this plan because she changed her mind for some unknown reason, and she was willing to compromise and let him take advantage of it.
"We must find a suitable way to make her a real student flag in Bailu Senior High School in the past ten days before the anniversary. This is the truth."
Ye Yan seemed to understand and asked, "What about it?"
"The simplest way to make people’s fame increase rapidly is to make a contrast. Didn’t you have a good show with the Korean painting in the science class last week? Just make a slight change and let things affect the direction set. "
"What? You don’t want Lu Mi to make a comparison with Korean paintings, do you? No, no, this is absolutely impossible. "
Ye Yu quickly rejected Chai Lingqing’s idea that Knight Wang, his best friend, could never watch someone hurt her, especially under his eyelids, which was impossible for him to be lonely.
Lu Zhou and Chai Lingqing looked at Ye You’s eyes at the same time, and the color was intriguing. They hesitated and said, "It sounds like you are not simple. Do you like her?"
Chapter 1 Heroic Sin
"You like her?"
Chai Lingqing stared at Ye Yi with a strange smile on his face. It was a kind of * * long smile with narrow promotion and teasing. It seemed that he wanted to see through Ye Yi’s heart with his slightly narrowed eyes and expose his true thoughts to the public.
Even Lu Zhou, a cold, black woman, showed great interest at the moment and looked at Ye You with ponder eyes.
"Korean painting is a good girl in all aspects except that her head is a little dull and her personality is too stubborn. From the perspective of fairness and resources, it is not suitable for you." Lu Wei expressed her opinion
It seems that she doesn’t have a low opinion of Han’s paintings, otherwise this guy’s personality will definitely be criticized by people who don’t like it.
However, it can be seen from her fighting with Han Hua today that her heart is still somewhat different. This opponent does not want to fall into the wind, even if the other party is best at understanding this woman’s competitive and scary.
In the face of two women who are full of divination, Ye Yan couldn’t help but get nervous. They all say that divination is a woman’s nature. This sentence is indeed true. If you want to be cold, please continue to be cold.
"I’m friends with you. You think too much. I just don’t think the meeting was very good."
At the same time, Ye Yu remembered what Mr. Butler said to him yesterday. Yes, there are too many bright spots in Korean paintings. She is honest, gentle, strong and brave, with excellent looks and excellent family.
I really belong to two worlds.
The world line did not appear before Ye Yi, and he did not have such an idea. He and Han Huili met by accident or accident, and they met because it was difficult for ordinary people to understand Form 2, and they were similar in age.
The tacit understanding between the two people is very high. From the beginning, they have known each other for a very short time, and their feelings have changed more or less because of all kinds of unusual things they have experienced together.
Ye Yu can feel that change, and his heart may really long to have such a shining and sunny person.
So other methods agree with these two people’s opinions. It is suspected that it is a kind of harm to promote Lu Zhou’s fame by comparing her paintings in Korea. Although she may not care about other people’s opinions, Ye Yi can’t.
"I don’t think it’s necessary to compare the methods of fame promotion. Lu Mi’s fame is high enough. It should be ok to make her recent appearance rate increase and her positive image appear in the eyes of her classmates several times."
Turning his eyes, Ye Yu tried to think about ways to say it carefully.
Chai Lingqing thought for a moment, "It’s not unreasonable for you to talk like this. If you fall into a competitive and petty image, it will be bad. The comparative method is really untrue, but your method is not safe. I think we should combine our methods!"
Ye Yu is relieved. It seems that he has given up the Korean painting, so it’s good. What does it mean to unite?
"First of all, we need something that can stir up the campus, and it’s best to give students a little trouble, and then Lu Yi appears to solve the trouble, and the positive image will gain popularity, but it’s best to bring her students closer, so if her light is defiled, the anger of believers will be terrible!"
Chai Lingqing said slowly, his eyes lit up gradually, and it seems that he has already thought about the steps.
"The hypocritical old routine seems that I am going to play a hero role this time?" Lu Lu smiled gently.
That’s right. Chai Lingqing wants to help the "hero save the United States" bridge to accumulate popularity and make her a true goddess, and then draw a large number of loyal believers to complete her plan.
"Smart, but it is not enough to have a hero. If you have a devil, you must be brave. If you have a hero, you must have sin, belittle evil and praise heroes. Then"
Then Chai Lingqing looked up at Ye You and said, "What do you think of the effect if the hero is defiled by sin?"
Ye Yu’s eyebrows suddenly wrinkled up, but he was not so stupid. The intention of these words was quite obvious. The hero was naturally Lu Zhou. She needed popularity and fame, and the evil incarnation seemed to fall on him.
"You, you want me to help him become famous and do comparative law?" Ye you startled way
"Yes, isn’t it? No one stipulates that the comparison method must compare things at the same level, but you can compare them with mud. Don’t sell yourself short. It’s also a good way to compare things with your recent influence that deserve the name of a bully. It can also make your image worse and the effect will be better. This plan is perfect! "
Chai Lingqing has been completely possessed. Ye You panicked and retreated two steps. He really doesn’t want to accept this plan.
Male high school students are all in front of him, and they don’t have much positive impression in the eyes of the public. Now they have to take the initiative to destroy themselves. This spirit can even surpass the fear of suicide attacks.
He wants to be a shining person. I really don’t want to ruin my image!
Chai Lingqing saw through his faint heart and said, "It’s not that I can’t think of men. The most difficult obstacle to overcome is the problem of vanity. Although I can’t see it, I have great influence. It’s people like you."
"hmm? What do you mean? " Ye Yu felt bad information from her last sentence.
"Yes, people like you are ordinary, ordinary, weak, and can fully explore different bright spots. It belongs to the emperor to mass-produce cheap goods, but suddenly you become a demon king, and you have more or less the ability to transcend mortals, so it’s superman, but this transformation makes you change from ordinary to extraordinary. Isn’t it right?"
Chai Lingqing’s accuracy ratio shows that Ye Yixin really has high expectations for himself because of his identity change, and he is eager for something extraordinary.
"How do you know?" Ye Yu is now more and more suspicious of this guy’s ability. Is it mind reading?
I didn’t know Chai Lingqing showed a rare chuckle, like sighing and feeling that his eyes were drooping. Then he raised his extremely calm posture and looked at Ye You and said, "Because all the extraordinary things come from the ordinary, even when I am weak, you are no different."
Ye Yan is not dependent on Chai Lingqing to define the weak boundary. He is used to it. He means-Chai Lingqing was weak before? All she can think is that it is unreasonable to think about it.
"It’s normal, even if God is weak, everything will choose evolution because it knows that it is weak. This is natural selection. No one is born strong. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her."
Chai Lingqing pointed to Lu Mi and said, "She should be a very good person in your heart. Apart from that * * psychological character, she can be called a perfect superhuman form, but do you believe it? She used to be weak and let herself feel desperate. "
Ye You turned to look at Lu Zhou. To tell the truth, he really doubted that people like Lu Zhou and Chai Lingqing were weak.
These two people should have been arrogant since childhood, and they have been exposed to different light among their peers. At the same level, they are weak and impossible to appear. They are just some people who believe these words.
"Having said too much, what we should consider now is not this problem, but how to maximize the influence of the party most efficiently. I have made sacrifices to allow this miscellaneous fish to touch me, so please don’t do these things again."
Lu Yi’s cold voice interrupted Ye Yi’s thinking, and he was somewhat convinced that maybe Lu Yi was once weak.
"Miscellaneous fish, if you are worried about the collapse of your image, you can completely dispel this concern. You are inconspicuous and have a conspicuous effect by letting your image fall to the bottom. At least it won’t let you be so silent again. Then your image can be changed at any time, you know-"
"Most people have always been blind and extreme in judging things, but they can change the direction."
Lu Zhou’s unique way inspired Ye Yixin to eliminate his worries and anxieties, and these words really played a big role. Good and bad are easily noticed by people, just like black and white divide the river.
There is a piece in the middle that represents ordinary gray, which is the easiest for people to ignore ordinary, just like not.
Ye Yibai’s truth has been shaken. He is not really doing bad things, but making his image more inconspicuous, even inconspicuous. If so, there is no problem.
Only when he became the black incarnation can white people see the scene clearly and fully realize white!
"Well, do you have a specific plan? I don’t want to really do something bad. How about a bad drama at best? " Ye you asked.
Chai Ling counted and nodded. "It is impossible for me to have a substantive bad thing in my white school. I need to think about it when I need it. After all, I have to consider your identity and position. While taking this opportunity, you can think about how the party program will cause a sensation."
Ye You looked at the eye, Lu Qiu, and Gao Linghua had seriously thought about it, but she often frowned and seemed to be in a bad mood.