Yang Jin cheered up and said, "Why do you think I said this?" She went on to introduce the things in this city to Moon Soul.

At this time, Yang Zong pulled a central gold low road, "My sister is Hakun and Chengzha."
Yang Jin stopped introducing and looked forward. His face suddenly changed. Leng Yue’s soul also looked in their direction. He saw two well-dressed men coming here with a dozen servants. They also saw Yang Jin’s three faces with strange smiles.
Yang Jin whispered, "We ignore them." Then he and Yang Zong walked forward with the moon soul.
To the moon, the three souls walked with each other and ignored each other, so it was natural for them to live in peace. But when the three souls approached that month, the two men named Hakun and Cheng Zagreb stopped in front of them.
One of them walked up to Yang Jin and stared at Yang Jin’s full chest. "What’s wrong with Yang Jin? Why don’t you take a detour when you meet my fiance? You see, I can’t eat you again. "Then I held out my hand to carry Yang Jinba.
Yang Jin beat his hand back and stared at him coldly. "Ha Kun, don’t go too far."
Another man smiled and said, "I said Yang Jin’s sister, how can you say that? Hakun is also your fiance and my brother-in-law? "
Ha Kun also pretended to be sad. "Yes, you are like this every time. It really breaks my heart." Then he burst out laughing, and Cheng Zagreb and a dozen assume also laughed.
Yang Zong stepped in front of Yang Jin and said, "Ha Kun, if you want to come, come at me and don’t touch my sister."
Then Hakun took a look at Yang Zong and disdained, "I said Yang Zong, you don’t look at what you are. It’s her blessing that I can see your sister."
Yang Zong was inarticulate when he came. This was because Hakun was speechless and was about to start work. Yang Jin held him back.
Yang Jin Shen said, "Yang Zong doesn’t care about him. Let’s go." Then he took Yang Zong with the moon soul and bypassed them.
Ha Kun and Cheng Za didn’t stop them again. Ha Kun looked at Yang Jin’s back and smiled at Cheng Za. "It’s really a girl from the south who gave birth to you. Look at that little figure and big ass. No woman can compare with it!"
Into zagreb also said with a smile, "don’t worry, sooner or later, she is not going to beg for mercy in your body? Don’t forget to brother me then. "
Ha Kun looked at Cheng Za and said with a smile, "No problem. I’ll taste it first, and then our brothers will be sent to brothels day after day after day, and they will definitely make a lot of money."
Then all those people laughed.
They insulted Yang Jin Yang Zong in this way. If it hadn’t been tightly pulled by Yang Jin, I’m afraid I would have rushed over to fight with them for the moon. After watching Yang Jin, I found this girl staring straight at the front and biting her lip while pulling Yang Zong. It seems that she has been restraining herself.
The soul of the moon nodded his head and sighed in his heart. This Yang Jin has a good qualification. It seems that what she has repaired is not what she has done by taking the Road. She can also endure such humiliation. It will not be simple in the future. It is really buried in this place.
Yang Jin’s brother and sister returned to their home in the city with the soul of the moon. This is a large house, from which we can see that Yang Jin belongs to a big family.
An old man in his fifties came out to meet Yang Jin and Yang Zong. "Miss Sun, didn’t Master Sun say that he would try the sword? Why are you back so soon? "
Yang Jin has adjusted his mood on the road and smiled and said to the old man, "The sword has been tried. Yang Zong has been refining the sword for 7749 days and I cut it off."
Yang Zong was embarrassed to scratch his head and said, "Sister, don’t say it’s embarrassing."
Uncle Fan said with a smile, "Master Sun made that sword with great difficulty, but he met Miss Sun, a great genius. In fact, the sword made by Master Sun is also a first-class magic weapon."
Yang Jin looked at Fan Shu and said, "Well, Fan Shu, you watched us grow up. We have several catties and two ounces. Don’t you know?" Don’t boast again and boast that we are going to be a day. "
A few people is a burst of laughter.
Uncle Fan saw the moon soul and asked strangely, "Miss Sun, who is this …?"
Yang Jin said, "This is Uncle Running Water who fled from the Central Plains. He can’t talk here alone. When Yang Zong and I tried the sword, we accidentally hurt him. After seeing that he has no place to blame the poor place, let him live in our house. Uncle Fan, you can take him to take a bath, then get him a clean suit and arrange a place for him."
Uncle Fan looked at the moon and nodded, "No problem, it’s on me."
Yang Jin smiled and said, "Uncle Running Water, go with Uncle Fan. He will arrange it for you."
Moon soul smiled and ordered a head and went with Fan Shu.
Yang Jin looked at the soul of the month and walked away with Fan Shu, then his face closed with a smile and sighed, "Let’s go and see Niang." Then he went to another courtyard with Yang Zong.
Moon Soul followed Fan Shu to the backyard and found that the backyard turned out to be a huge casting factory. There were about a thousand casting platforms, and there was no one there.
The two men walked around the foundry. When Uncle Fan saw that the Moon Soul had been watching the swinging foundry, he said, "This is the largest weapon foundry in the whole western region, but everything has changed since that happened."
The soul of the moon is not white. Supposedly, this family should have mastered the casting lifeline of the whole western region. It should be very powerful for Yang Jin and Yang Zong to be humiliated by those people in the street. Moon Soul made several gestures to indicate that Uncle Fan said that he wanted to know what it was.
Uncle Fan is also a man who has lived for 60 or 70 years. Of course, Bai Yue wants to know what this is. He sighed, "This is all because Master Xie Luo took back the unknown stone and made it an unknown stone, but he didn’t know what to say that it was a magic stone that could cast a magic weapon in conan the destroyer."
Listening to Uncle Fan’s statement, the Moon Soul frowned, and he stayed at the peak of the Holy Spirit, the moon in the sky and the Dreadwind Nine Ghost Beads. It is a rare instrument in this world, but I dare not say that it is a rare magic weapon in conan the destroyer. The man named Crab Luo actually said that he could take back that stone and cast a rare magic weapon in conan the destroyer. Is this true?
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Seventeen, casting family (subscription)
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Uncle Fan stopped and went on, "Master Xie Luo is a wizard in casting. Although he didn’t cast many weapons, every weapon he cast is very famous in the Western Regions. In this respect, Miss Sun can be said to have inherited his father’s talent. When he came back three months ago, Master Xie Luo went into the mountains to mine for half a year, we all found that he had changed a lot. Even with his young wife, he didn’t say much about holding a baggage and saying" magic stone ".On that day, he put all the families at home at that time. All the members were called together in this foundry. He told everyone that he had found a magic stone. If that magic stone was cast into a weapon, it would definitely make a peerless magic weapon in conan the destroyer. Because Xia family is a casting family, its casting history can be traced back to 500 years ago. Everyone can be said to be a big family in casting. When Master Xie Luo said that he could cast a peerless magic weapon in conan the destroyer, he admitted that Master Xie Luo exaggerated and proved that he didn’t exaggerate. At first glance, everyone found that the burden in this foundry.The surface of the stone is very bright, just like the size of a large egg and the size of a man’s head. Although the shape is a little strange, the master and other young masters looked at the large egg carefully at that time. Finally, even the foundry workers here saw it. Everyone agreed that the stone was a little strange in appearance, but its quality was no different from that of ordinary ore. Master Xie Luo said that he was mistaken and asked where he found the stone. Master Xie Luo said that he suddenly heard a sound when he was mining in the mountains. Calling him, he followed the sound and finally found the stone. The master said that after he got the stone, he heard a sound in the stone. The sound seemed to say that Master Xie Luo wanted to cast the stone into a weapon, saying that he could give Master conan the destroyer strength. Master Xie Luo confirmed that he said that he would cast the stone into a weapon in public. When he put the stone into the furnace, disaster came. Everyone fainted after Master Xie Luo put the stone into the furnace and waited until everyone woke up. When I came over, I found that Master Xie Luo had disappeared from the melting furnace, and there was no trace of the stone melting. It was estimated that Master Xie Luo had taken it away. There was nothing for everyone to come, but three days later, someone in the place died of physical decay except the little lady. How horrible it was to die! Lady Shao is a native of Central Plains, and it seems that she is still a person who fixes the truth. Fortunately, she relies on the cultivation of spells, but she has not escaped bad luck. Now she is also seriously ill. I’m afraid … Alas, most of the main members of the summer family have gone, and the whole summer family has declined since then. "
It turns out that Yang Jin and Yang Zong’s surname is Xia, and this crab Luo is Yang Jin and Yang Zong’s father. No wonder Yang Jin and Yang Zong looked a little gloomy when they arrived at their parents. It turned out that such a thing had happened.
Moon Soul also feels strange. According to Uncle Fan, this crab Luo is a genius in casting and refining, and he also has a high ability to identify all kinds of ores. But why did he take a piece of ore that others recognized as ordinary ore and have to say it was a magic stone? Besides, everyone except Crab Luo fainted and died mysteriously three days later. Is it because of that stone? If so, then say that there is a big problem with the stone. If not, then why did these things happen after Crab Luo put the stone into the furnace? And did that stone melt or not? What, those people who woke up said that there was no trace of that stone melting in the furnace? Is Crab Luo dead, too?
Fan Shu spread his hand and said, "What do you call this?" But he suddenly remembered that Yang Jin said that the soul of the moon is dumb. How can you say what this is? Uncle Fan immediately changed his mind. "I’m sorry, running water brother, I didn’t mean that. I mean …"
Moon Soul smiled and made several gestures to tell him that he was not angry, and then drew a few strokes.
Fan Shu looked at the moon’s soul, and the gesture was white. He meant to ask himself why there was nothing. Fan Shu sighed again. "You mean how can I be okay?" To tell you the truth, I went out to deliver the goods early that day, and Miss Sun and Master Sun happened to be out of the house. When we came back, they were already awake. Master Crab brought back that stone. The thing is that when they woke up, they told us that it was like nothing happened at that time. Who knows … Alas! Forget running water, bro. I’ll take you to wash and rinse now, and then I’ll find you a clean dress and arrange accommodation for you. "
Uncle Fan took Moon Soul to take a shower first, and then found him clean clothes, and gave Moon Soul other things to wear. Finally, Uncle Fan led Moon Soul to a small building. Uncle Fan told him that this is the Xia family’s collection of some famous swords and precious minerals cast in previous dynasties, and some notes on casting experience in previous dynasties. This building used to be extremely important, but now the Xia family has declined, and there are few people in this big house. There is no one to guard this building. Uncle Fan told Moon Soul to live in this building, and arranged accommodation for Moon Soul.
Uncle Fan arranged for Moon Soul and left, saying that dinner would come and ask Moon Soul to look around the building. Although he is a layman in casting base, it is more than enough for him to repair and evaluate what he saw.
Looking at the soul of the moon for a while, I found that the weapons here may be weapons such as weapons in the eyes of ordinary people, but these weapons can be regarded as weapons and not as instruments. No wonder the longitudinal sword of Yang Zong’s method of repairing truth will be broken
This doesn’t mean that every artifact in the fix-true world is refined by ore. If it is, the world’s famous artifacts will fly all over the world. In fact, most artifacts in the fix-true world are cast by ordinary iron, which is instilled by people for a long time, refining and often instilling mana to manipulate and control for a long time. The purity of the artifacts is bound to get better and better, and the quality of these weapons will also be known.
At this time, Moon Soul was attracted by a sword. Looking at the sword for a long time, Moon Soul felt a chill in the sword. Moon Soul immediately concluded that this sword was the only weapon here that could be called a multiplier weapon.
There is also a label on the sword rack. The Moon Soul took it and read it. It wrote that the name of this sword is "imitation", saying that this sword is a crab Luo Zhu. Twenty years ago, the Moon Soul frowned. It seems that this crab Luo is really not an ordinary figure, but should also be a yogi. So it is unclear whether to cultivate magic or cultivate truth.
The Moon Soul doesn’t know much about the refiner. I once heard the mountain god say that if a piece of ore is to be made into a multiplier, there are usually two ways. The first way is to cast it in the ordinary way and then let a yogi refine it by virtue of his slender body. The second way is that the Moon Soul doesn’t remember it very clearly. It seems that it is the true spirit that melts the ore and then casts it into other ways. The mountain god didn’t say that the Moon Soul estimated that he didn’t know.
The Moon Soul has misunderstood the refining method, but it’s not much worse. That’s what it is.
Moon Soul carefully looked at the sword called Imitation Sword, and he thought that if he didn’t guess wrong, this sword should be tempered by the second method of Crab Luo.
At this time, Yang Jin called himself outside the building and came in when the Moon Soul walked to the door.
Yang Jin looked at the moon soul and said with a smile, "Uncle Running Water is much more energetic now."
Moon Soul smiled. Although she washed and changed into clean clothes, Hu didn’t shave. She still looked like a full uncle.
Yang Jin took the Moon Soul and said, "Uncle Running Water, let’s go for dinner." Then he went for dinner with the Moon Soul.