The master was really upset, and finally woke up and his body has recovered almost. He finally waited until he told her the news.

He reached out and picked up the table. The photo of the old lady was clean without a trace of dust, but the master wiped it with his hand for a long time and said, "Honey, I can accompany you so that you won’t be lonely!"
The second day early in the morning, the whole Ji family was shocked. Aunt went to ask the master to have breakfast early. After knocking on the door for a long time, there was no movement, so I had to push the door and go in, only to find that the master had …
The master walked peacefully, probably because he had a hunch that his time had come, and he was dressed neatly, holding a photo with the old lady when he was young.
The photos show that they all look very young. The old lady wore red gifts, white socks and black shoes. It was at that time that the little princess dressed up and her master was seventeen. The two velvet trees were particularly eye-catching.
Ji Qingcheng picked up the photo and saw that there was another line at the back, which meant that if they were coupled, they would fly in pairs.
The master left suddenly but unexpectedly. He and the old lady had a good relationship. After the old lady left, the master was most worried about the strike. Now that the strike has woken up, he is worried.
If she knew that the walk yesterday afternoon was the last time for her and her master, she would spend more time with his old man.
When she was in a coma, she missed the last time of her grandmother. When she woke up, she was sad and sorry to know that her grandmother had died, but she didn’t expect that she had just woken up and her grandfather had gone again.
She has lived in the family for many years and regarded the master and the old lady as her relatives. Now she is naturally sad to leave.
Xiao April went through this several times, but she was also confused afterwards, and she had a somewhat concept of life and death. Plus, she cried sadly and held her hand and cried badly.
Grandfather walked with her yesterday and sang children’s songs together. Why did he leave her when he sang children’s songs with her?
Master had been doing charity all his life. Qingcheng is a respected person, and Master Ji has the highest seniority. Most of his peers went to his funeral, and several big families in Qingcheng came.
Ji Nanfeng has been at the master’s wake since the day he died, and he has never been away from others for a moment.
When he was a child, he grew up with the master and the old lady. Among the grandchildren, he was the one who hurt the most and had the deepest feelings. He remembered that the master had called him to his room the night before yesterday to talk, but it was not gossip but farewell.
When the master coffin went in, she went on strike and heard the south wind tearing her heart out and crying, and her heart hurt badly.
Since the south of Ji, Sun, the parent of Ji, took the lead in kneeling next to him, kneeling in turn by Ji Jiayu’s four brothers and Yan kneeling behind them and sobbing.
Master seems to have taken away Ji Jiahuan’s laughter after he went, and even Xiao April became quiet.
Ji Nanfeng’s travel plan was cancelled, and the trip from Ji Nan to Yan Hui Fengcheng was also cancelled. Ji’s family members stayed away from alcohol for 100 days, and they kept their filial piety.
Season home is such an atmosphere ushered in a new year.
In the early morning of the new year, Ji Qingcheng led the Ji family to worship their ancestors in the ancestral temple of Ji Jia, and Ji Qingcheng also officially gave Ji Jia’s generation of householders to Ji Nanqi, asking their ancestors to bless their Ji family members to prosper and prosper.
When having lunch at noon, Ji Nanfeng got the message that he was an undercover in Hong Kong and would not talk unless it was important at ordinary times.
They haven’t contacted each other for half a year since the celebration of the New Year. There must be something urgent to tell him today.
Sitting next to Ji Nanfeng at the party, he felt something was wrong when he got up and answered the phone. He usually answered the phone and rarely carried her behind his back.
"You say!" The southerly wind is not loud.
"Old Daqing Sea is not dead. He is still alive. He has been back in Hong Kong for a while, but he has never returned to Qingjia!" LAM Raymond tone is very urgent.
If Qinghai is not dead, the first revenge will be Ji Nanfeng, and he must have made plans to show up in Hong Kong now.
Ji Nanfeng was surprised for a moment. He received a message that Qing Hai was shot five times in the body and would die. I didn’t expect this little guy to be so deadly and alive again.
If Qing Hai took over the business before Qing Dynasty, it would be another bloody affair.
"What’s the matter?" Sheng ge asked
Ji Nanfeng has resumed to play around on weekdays. "There have been chaos in the night show in Xicheng District for several days. Let me take my brothers to watch the night tonight. I am going to let Xiao Zhang take them to the New Year. Who wants to be on duty!"
Ji Qingshan glared at his son. "What are the serious things in your family besides eating? If something goes wrong, don’t do it before it’s too late. Don’t embarrass Ji Jia!"
Chapter 37 season, director of the hand don’t know?
Ji Nanfeng has been used to being scolded by his father, and he didn’t feel that he should eat and drink because he was still in mourning. Today, this table is all vegetarian, so he can rest assured and eat boldly.
"You can’t have a good meal during the New Year!" Shen Jiaran gave her husband a look, and she naturally felt distressed.
After all, no one wants to go out on duty late during the Chinese New Year. Nanfeng’s holiday these months was also bought with his life.
Shen Jiaran took a bite of Ji Qingshan and naturally dared not say that the dog leg of Ji Nanfeng gave Shen Jiaran a flattering smile and then gave her food. "Mom has worked hard to take care of us and eat more!"
This is very kind to Shen Jiaran. "You are diligent and you have lost so much weight recently!" How do you like having children by yourself?
Yan finally found out that her brother-in-law has no family status, but the most flattering thing is an apple polisher.
Of course, this flatterer married a beloved wife and gave birth to a ghost horse elf group pet daughter.
It’s a winner in life. When will she have such a lovely daughter?
Alas, how can people have children and have sex when they don’t even have a room? Bah, Bah, Bah, she was dyed by that smelly girl who is not a plant.
Probably Yan’s psychological fluctuation was too long, which attracted Ji Nanqi’s attention. Ji Nanqi put the food on her plate, and Yan was a little comforted, so she didn’t think about it.
Ji Nanfeng’s subtle expression when he saw the words just now can deceive others, but he can’t deceive the strike. That word is definitely not called by Director Li, and it won’t be as simple as he said it was night duty.
When I got back to my room, I went to the party and asked, "What happened? Don’t keep it from me!"
She doesn’t know anything. She might as well ask if she is imagining things.
Ji Nanfeng knew that he couldn’t hide the sidewalk "Qinghai is not dead!"
I was in a coma during the strike. I didn’t know that people had been arranged abroad to hunt down Qing Maritime since Jinan.
"You say eldest brother? ?” I don’t believe it. After all, it’s unlikely that someone as gentle as Big Brother would do such a thing.
Is she ignored the eldest brother’s family is gentle eldest brother, but he is the successor of the Ji family outside. If there is no means, will he be handed over to him?
"Well, I’m worried about the forces behind Qinghai. Recently, there have been several big drug deals in Kowloon, Hong Kong. I suspect that Qinghai has set up an international drug trafficking group this time. If they want bulk cargo to go to Qingcheng, whether it’s selling stolen goods or transit, it’s the first choice!" Ji Nanfeng has probably thought of the Qinghai plan.
"What now?" If so, Jinghai will definitely retaliate against Jijia.
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. He won’t show up in Qingcheng Mountain for the time being!" JiNa wind comfort way
"You should be careful to protect yourself recently!" I know that Ji Nanfeng’s personality is the most abnormal at ordinary times, but he is honest and hateful, and she will never give up her duties. All she can do is support him.
Ji Nanfeng gets busy just after the fifth day of the lunar new year’s eve, and it’s late every night when I go home.
However, he will still take time every day to draw stories with Harle, the fourth child. Now, in April, he can see his father coming in and out of the house wearing a system every day. Don’t worry too much.
Of course, the most regrettable thing is that my father is too busy to pick her up recently, and my mother is now in class. Usually, my grandparents pick her up.
However, Grandpa is most eager to pick her up after school. Grandpa will not hesitate to buy her something she likes and take her to KFC twice. Of course, this is a secret between her and Grandpa.
Ji Nanfeng left early the next day, especially early. When he received the message from the team at five o’clock, he went to the station without eating breakfast.
The night patrol police found a body after three o’clock in the morning, and the cause of death was that the deceased smoked a new type of marijuana. Because of its high purity, people were extremely excited and hallucinated. Some people who were greedy would die of excessive excitement.
And the purity of this cannabis is the same as that of the recent batch in Hong Kong market.
That is to say, they tried to prevent the new poison from reaching Qingcheng Mountain, which means that Qinghai forces also reached Qingcheng Mountain.
Ji Nanfeng’s hand thumped on the table, and all this was wasted.
Xiao Zhang can naturally get rid of the boss’s feelings, and the boss and Qinghai are still separated by a blood feud.
"Boss, according to the investigation, the deceased had an accident shortly after coming out of the night. The night was Xiao Su Yard. Do you think so?" Xiao Zhang’s words are very obvious. After all, there are not many people who have the courage to do this at the forefront, but Xiao Su is one.
Ji Nanfeng was silent for a moment. Although he hated Xiao Su, one thing he didn’t touch drugs.
He has been living in Shengxiao Villa since the death of his mother, but what about his brother?
Ji Nanfeng seriously wanted to see the party. He was going to meet Xiao Su. Since this happened to his site, he should give him an explanation.
Xiao Su went to the hospital several times in those months when she was in a coma, all for a short time. He never saw her again after she woke up when the monsoon was out of place.
"Director Ji doesn’t know what to do with your presence?" Xiao Su’s mood is the same as Ji Nanfeng’s. Although he knows each other, he still doesn’t like each other.
"Did you know that something happened to you last night?" Ji Nanfeng won’t bend around with him.
"Why? If a person dies, he wants to rely on me? " Xiao Su is full.
I don’t know how many people will die in this Qingcheng Mountain one day, but it’s hard to suspect him if he plans to die unexpectedly.
"That man died of high-purity marijuana in your field!"
"impossible!" There were some behind-the-scenes transactions between Chi Han and Zuo Kang before Xiao Su, but they stopped later, and those accounts were destroyed, and there was no evidence.
And he also ordered his men never to touch the poison. Once the family rules are found, they will be dealt with.
"You and I came to wronged you? If that’s the case, I can take someone to close your property. I won’t talk nonsense with you here, Xiao Su. You’d better check your brothers or I’ll not let go of them myself! " Ji Nanfeng is also sold to him.