Meng Jun, that is, Baiyue Manzhu, narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the great Wei Tian not far away.

Although he just sits casually, his eyes are majestic, his eyes are like stars and his eyebrows are like swords. There is a kind of elegance and luxury that makes people dare not look directly at him. He can see it at a glance.
This big Wei Tian is not a simple person, but it is very terrible!
Deep thoughts are like the sea!
Meng Jun immediately took a deep breath and said, "It’s a pity that there is nothing to regret, but your plan of Emperor Wei really surprised me that even this kind of strategy can be figured out. I can’t lose this time."
He didn’t calm down until he surrendered, and then he quickly figured out the cause and effect.
Everything was plan by that great Wei emperor.
From deliberately looking for fun to finally revealing that Wei Youchen wanted to clear the monarch’s side, the other party had already thought about the plan.
Looking for joy in the eyes is not the point, but to give him a cover-up. Accurately speaking, the so-called Qing Jun side is a title to let yourself recognize that those great Wei Chen really want to carry out Qing Jun side.
After all, if nothing happens, I won’t believe the news that I got the Qingjun side.
But what if you find fun together and then arouse the minister’s dissatisfaction to carry out the qingjun side?
You can aggravate the truth of this matter.
And it is precisely because of this that I will rashly choose to attack myself.
But I didn’t expect that everything was planned by the Great Wei Emperor from beginning to end, and the other party was like a hunter, who took himself as a prey and played at will.
Chapter two hundred and nine Dry outline arbitrary wild!
At this moment, Baiyue Master Meng Jun looked at the big Wei Tian in front of him.
Heart is more than fear.
Before that, he also learned that the other side knew that the great Wei emperor’s great talents and great external strength were very important to reform
Even though he has only been enthroned for three years, he has made many achievements, which is a shame.
I didn’t expect this person’s military to be so powerful and superb.
Meng Jun also studied the art of war in the Central Plains, and he has unique opinions.
That is to say, he can unify all the departments of Baiyue in a short time to become the first Baiyue master.
However, in his eyes, the plan of the great Wei Tian was different from that of ordinary military generals, and this kind of header made him recognize that he could take the opportunity.
It can be said that the other side’s military does not stick to ordinary strategies, but combines political means into one.
This is the first time that Meng Jun has seen this battle, and he feels that he can’t lose.
Of course, it’s one thing not to be wronged. He has something else to do.
But I don’t know Meng Jun’s thoughts, but Wei Yun Yi is once again stupid
He doesn’t understand a plan that anyone can see for fun, and the other person says it’s unexpected
To tell the truth at this time, Wei Yun Yi couldn’t help wondering what was in Baiyue’s brain before.
Immediately, he thought for a while and continued, "You said you didn’t lose, which means you think Baiyue failed and was not my opponent?"
Wei Yun Yigen doesn’t know how to win this battle, so he is asking to explore the bottom.
If the other side loses the idea of confronting Wei because of this war,
Then everything I’ve done in front of me is thorough
after all
He really hopes to have an opponent like Baiyue, but he can’t pose a threat to Wei, but he can’t.
After all, the more enemies the country has, the more luck it can effectively curb. If the other side dares not face the great Wei, the national luck may rise again.
If you talk about it yourself, you can bear it.
"I’m not a big Wei opponent, but it doesn’t mean Baiyue isn’t!"
At this time, Meng Jun narrowed his eyes again and said, "Baiyue is really a barbarian in your eyes, but the people of Baiyue are not worse than your big Min Wei. We can also learn from your so-called Confucian culture and understand that he is better than you."
"Hundreds of mountains, many waters and complex terrain. It seems that many places can’t cultivate land, but I can grow rice in the mountains. I am also self-sufficient. If it is not always restricted by the Central Plains Dynasty, our culture may not be worse than the Central Plains Dynasty!"
In his eyes, he is no match for the Great Wei and the Great Wei Emperor.
But Baiyue people are also good at creating and doing well in harsh environments.
It is more self-sufficient than growing food and being blocked by the Central Plains Dynasty.
Compared with the prairie people who will plunder the Baiyue people, it is much stronger to unify the various ministries by themselves. If given enough time, it can build a country as powerful as Dawei.
So in his eyes, Baiyue is no worse than Da Wei.