"No … you don’t keep your word …"

"Poof …"
Before Liu Dharma’s mouth was finished, the four elders had already made a terrible display of power, and a big hand conveniently patted Liu Dharma’s head.
Liu dharma keeper died directly.
Liu dharma revealed the truth, and the first four elders killed them.
Willow elders were instantly beaten to a pulp, and all the people shuddered in their consciousness, adding another point of awe to the elders.
Jiang Feng also looked at the four elders with a bit more meaning.
"Hey ~ If I had known this would have happened!" Patriarch felt that the four elders were cruel, but they didn’t say much.
"Jiang Feng! Did you just trigger the colorful treasure light of Zongmen? ?” Patriarch is to ask all the elders in the heart doubt eyes fell Jiang Feng body for an instant.
When Jiang Feng displays Wushu, the colorful treasure light appears at first sight, and when his Wushu momentum disappears, the colorful treasure light also hides.
To say that this matter has nothing to do with Jiang Feng, they will not believe that the appearance of colorful treasure light is definitely a great event for Yan Xuzong.
"What colorful baoguang! ? I don’t know! "
Colorful treasure light is naturally triggered by him. Just now, he cast a mask to make the whole gate feel his breath.
However, Jiang Feng does not want to get into trouble for himself and directly denies it.
I don’t know! ?” At the same time, the elders of the patriarch were stunned. "This is impossible. It is impossible to be so coincidental when you make martial arts!"
Patriarch eyes tightly staring at Jiang Feng want to see something from him.
But the patriarch soon dismissed the idea.
"Since you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t keep asking. Tell us when you want to talk about it!" The patriarch shook his head. Now it’s all so-called whether Jiang Feng said it or not. It’s good to have a spectrum in their hearts.
"If it’s okay, then I’ll go first!" Jiang Feng finish directly twist a head away.
Looking at his departure, the elder came over and said, "Patriarch, why don’t you ask this little one! ?”
"No! ?” Patriarch eyes than deep light mouth said, "this little body let a person can’t see through the place is too much, so it is in the Kai Sheng Cave, so is the colorful treasure light."
"I vaguely know what it is that Hua Laozu made us cover up the virtual Sect as the chief!"
Chapter 195 Kill God and hate in one thousand
Yanxuzong hall
Patriarch looked at his secret letter leng a face suddenly dignified.
The elder saw the patriarch’s silence and asked, "What is written in the secret letter of the bodhi old zu! ?”
The patriarch did not explain, but handed the letter in his hand directly to the elder.
The elder carefully read the letter, and with the deepening, his face kept changing back and forth until he read the last few words and gasped directly.
"This great thing happened! We don’t want to participate in the improvement of the imaginary clan! " Big elders speak exhortation way
The patriarch was silent and rushed to the door and shouted, "Go and call Jiang Feng out for me!"
A brother smell speech immediately went to the chief peak.
Soon Jiang Feng led the younger brother to the main hall of Yan Xuzong.
"Call me what is up! ?” Jiang Feng glanced around and found that all the elders had arrived.
The patriarch looked at Jiang Feng’s face and said, "Something happened to the demon’s forbidden area!"
"The western one?" On hearing the demon pretty forbidden area Jiang Feng face expression immediately sank.
The forbidden area of Yaoman is located in the western part of Xuanqing mainland, linking the Terran territory of Yaoman domain.
It is very dangerous to be shrouded in magic gas for many years. Once it is eroded by magic gas, even the elders of Linghai will instantly melt a pool of blood!
Whether the barbarians or terrans regard him as forbidden.
Of course, for Jiang Feng, this is not enough for him to guard the demon forbidden area. It is his brother’s famous Terran four peaks that kill Zhao Zhao.
"Don’t that silly pretty son had an accident! ?” Jiang Feng face a change immediately toward the patriarch primly "stationed demon pretty forbidden area is not kill god zhao! ?”
The patriarch nodded and said, "According to the news from the ancestors of Hua, killing the gods and breaking into the demon barbarians, all the gods slaughtered the demon barbarians!"
"As a result, hundreds of big demon attacks were attracted, including two deities. After killing many big demons, they were defeated by Xiujing and escaped into the forbidden area of the demon!" The patriarch told Jiang Feng the details of the letter.
"what! ? Break into the demon capital! ?”
Jiang Feng heart "click" a maybe he still hate things! ?
"Yes! In the past thousands of years, God has attacked the demon barbarian gods for hundreds of times, and every time he is seriously injured, there are countless moments when he dies! "
"This time, it directly caused him to fall into the forbidden area of Yaoman. Fortunately, Yaoman forbidden area has a magic gas gathering period, or even killing God will be doubtful."
"I don’t know what treasures the demon gods have that can make killing gods so persistent!" Patriarch and earnest long give a sigh.
More than a thousand years ago, Zhao Zhao’s beloved daughter was killed by a demon barbarian.
Then he gave up his ego and went into a demon city in the demon territory. He fought a bloody battle for three days and three nights, puffed up and became a demon to kill the demon. The blood flowed like a river and the corpses piled up like mountains.
It is precisely because of this that he was able to achieve this.
It’s a pity that at that time, the big demon had left the pretty demon city and went to the pretty demon city. All the gods killed Zhao Zhao, but he didn’t get revenge.
At the same time, I fled to the demon, and the big demon also learned the news.
Scared the other party to retreat directly, and the demon god never dared to take a step.
Where are the demon gods? There are many demon barbarians, big monsters and big monsters. That’s comparable to the four peaks of Terran.
Killing God Zhao Zhao, no matter how big it is, can’t break the whole demon pretty god.
Don’t mean that Zhao Zhao even Jiang Feng didn’t have this thing to break the demon pretty god.
"Silly pretty son! Silly man! Why can’t you see through it! "
Jiang Feng looked up and took one look in the direction of the demon pretty forbidden area, and his tone trembled. "If you are crazy, you are crazy!" When the sky falls, the teacher will support you! "
Back to god, Jiang Feng said firmly, "I’m going to the demon forbidden area!"
"You want to go to the demon pretty forbidden area! ?” The patriarch and all the elders were silent.
This little dare to say such a big talk easily, I certainly don’t know that the demon is quite dangerous and forbidden!
Don’t say that it is very dangerous to walk easily in a forbidden area even if you are a spiritual sea fighter.
"Jiang Feng, to tell the truth, the demon is quite forbidden. People can only enter when it is shrouded in magic gas for many years and contracted by magic gas. Moreover, it is forbidden for many practitioners with spiritual sea environment to enter."
"But once the magic gas shrinks, it also means that there will be a large number of Lingcao Linghua God Shi Chijin waiting for people to search! This is also an experience opportunity for every major younger brother. "
Patriarch paused to speak out his thoughts in my heart.
"This time, Yi Shouzong sent an invitation to all the major gates, and I decided to send an elder to lead a team to the demon forbidden area!"
Yi Shouzong is the patriarch of Yi Shouzong, who kills the god Zhao Zhaozong and Zhao Zhao.
Since Yan Xuzong intends to rise, he can’t continue to be silent. It is necessary to go out and hone it. Only in this way can Yan Xuzong grow stronger.
Send an elder to lead the team! ?
The elder got up at this time, and his patriarch had different views. "We are too weak to participate in this invitation."
"What’s more, the demon barbarians will not be willing to let go of a certain clan search if they fall into the forbidden area of the demon barbarians and are hunted down!"
The patriarch heard the news and shook his head. "The letter sent to us by the bodhi old zu must be for us to attend the clan, and maybe the bodhi old zu will be off-limits to the demon. If so, our clan will also have a care!"
"But the patriarch …" The elder was anxious.
The patriarch directly shook his head and said, "Not much to say, I have decided that since Jiang Feng is going to the demon forbidden area, you should lead my gifted brother to go with you!"
"To lead the elders! ?”
Patriarch’s eyes swept all the elders’ faces one by one, and finally they fell down on the elders.
"Of all the elders, the oldest belongs to you. I trust you with all my future hopes. Don’t let me down!"
The patriarch’s tone made the elder root unable to refuse and nodded yes.