Lin Qing and others quickly got up and walked to the courtyard.

"What happened to the elder sister?" See Yao Jiangzhu with cold sweat pale Yao Bufan asked
In the past year, among the four people, the highest political position is not Ji Ye, Yao Bufan and Lin Qing, but Yao Jiangzhu.
Because Ji Ye and others are three people with different origins, in the middle stage of the elixir, except that they did not join Gen Guo subjectively, Gen Guo did not want to be bold and had different origins, and it was said that Yao Jiangzhu, who had just made a successful breakthrough in the elixir by Tsukiji, was not so conspicuous in the early stage.
The four of them, Huang Jincheng, didn’t show up at first, but later they realized that the bureaucratic order of the country was very strong, and some news needed "institutional" people to get and explore.
As luck would have it, Yao Jiangzhu helped Mo Liu once by chance, so Yao Jiangzhu was entrusted by the three of him to rejoin the bureaucracy of Gen Guo and become a screw in the Gen Guo Department.
In the courtyard, Yao Jiangzhu felt a little relieved when she saw Ji Ye and other talents. "I went to the Buddhist mansion today and made some mistakes. I’m afraid they will arrest me later."
Hearing this, Lin Qing immediately carefully expanded the center of God’s knowledge house and carefully checked it in the past.
"No tail has been traced to this place." After checking, Lin Qing glanced at Yao Jiangzhu. "There is something specific in the other yard, as we will talk about it in detail."
The house secret room is dimly lit.
"The elder sister of the clan will arrest you if she is a Buddhist?"
Yao Jiangzhu raised his eyes and made a sad appearance. "It was because I didn’t master the discretion and behaved too well in front of the ink flow."
This Lin Qing could not help but take a sniffle at the corners of her mouth.
Seeing Yao Jiangzhu looking at her with a pale face, she shrugged her shoulders and motioned Yao Jiangzhu to continue talking.
"Today, I was invited to go to the Buddhist Mansion, and Moliu told me a message that Gen Guo will send a group of monks into the holy land in a couple of days, because I helped him, and I also approved this list for consideration." Speaking of this, Yao Jiangzhu could not help but look pale.
When she heard Mo Liu’s statement, she finally felt that she could be treated like Song Qi, and as a result, she was unlucky too soon.
"Mohiu asked me to re-test my qualifications and record various data, and I must not leave the Buddhist mansion until I go to the holy land these days after recording."
"I want to measure the spirit root, but I don’t know that the magic weapon can measure the bone age of the advanced elixir in addition to the qualification. When people measure my bone age, they ask me why I am so young, and I am very challenged. I escaped after thousands of difficulties."
In this world, monks practice extremely hard during the practice of Qi, but the later stage of building foundation is very slow. An ordinary monk in the early stage of then has a bone age of 200 to 300 years, and Yao Jiangzhu is a hundred years old. In this world, he is suspected to be a genius, but her spiritual roots are not picky.
This ink flow and others seem to have his hidden secrets either because of her fate.
"Most of the top leaders in Genguo didn’t practice until they were 400 or 500 years old, especially the ink stream has been over 600 years old, and then the perfect environment has been stranded for a hundred years. Now it is found that Yao Daoyou is different, no matter which one is a great temptation for them, if it is me, I won’t let it go." Lin Qing said leisurely.
"What time is it, Lin Qing? Are you still making sarcastic remarks here?" Yao Jiangzhu didn’t good the spirit. Who is she? Why did Moliu and others make such a big sacrifice?
"I once said somewhat sarcastically, and I made an objective analysis." Lin Qing looked upright.
Before they were going to the holy land, Yao Jiangzhu unexpectedly brought news. Yao Bufan pondered for a moment and asked, "How many monks were there in the clan at that time?" Is there a monk besides then? "
"When I tested, there were only a few people who didn’t know exactly how many, but besides Godsworn then, there was a Godsworn Tsukiji, and one of them was not a Chinese," Yao Jiangzhu replied.
"We must go into the holy land while we can," Ji Ye mused. "The most dangerous place is the safest place. From today on, we will each find an opportunity to sneak into the Buddhist mansion before we act. I guess it will be difficult for people to go to the Buddhist mansion these two days."
Four people plan to disperse after each other.
The next day, the sun was high and the heavily guarded Buddhist mansion was closed.
The ink flow sat in the main hall of the mansion and his face was cold.
"Is there any news from Yao Jiangzhu?"
The friar shook his head after a night’s return. "My Lord didn’t catch her, but my humble position has made it difficult for her to fly these two days."
Ink flow frowned. "How long can Brother Jin-cheng Huang be trapped and need to catch her early? This person Jin-cheng Huang never thought that he had a big secret for a year."
Thinking that this ink flow flashed a scarlet in his eyes, going to the Holy Land this time was his first breakthrough opportunity. If he still can’t have a baby, maybe he will take the opportunity to be Yao Jiangzhu
"I will find her out!"
At this time, Yao Jiangzhu and Yao Bufan, who were tracked down, were hiding at the entrance of Buddhist mansion.
Yao Jiangzhu waited anxiously. "Why hasn’t anyone new come yet?"
There is a law at the entrance of the Buddhist temple, which is heavily guarded. Because of the stricter special access control in recent times, there is a government receiver holding a secret key to personally bring people in so as not to disturb the ink flow.
I saw Ji Ji quickly killed a monk who was invited to the Buddhist mansion to build a complete foundation, and the Dan medicine turned into his appearance, and then smoothly entered the mansion to think of the same trick, but the Yao brothers and sisters waited for a long time and did not see any soft persimmon.
Brother then did come, but it’s too difficult to kill the same order not far from the entrance of Buddhist Mansion.
Just as Yao Jiangzhu was upset, he saw Lin Qing arrive at the door of the Buddhist mansion and then swaggered towards the door.
"What’s her trick?" Yao Jiangzhu doubts
"Let’s see, maybe we can," Yao Bufan said calmly.
They watched Lin Qing knock on the door of Buddhist mansion. She pulled out a bottle of Dan medicine from her sleeve and handed it to the mansion to meet the monks at the beginning of then. Then she went in fair and square.
"It turned out that Lin Qing was ready. No wonder the ink flow was given to her in the past six months. If she could delay the delivery date, she was waiting for the opportunity to enter the Buddhist mansion."
Why didn’t he think of that? Who let him be too efficient? He should have finished it long ago.
Yao Bufan couldn’t help secretly annoyed.
Lin Qing successfully entered the Buddhist mansion. After she delivered the Dan medicine, she was taken out of the mansion by a Buddhist monk Zhu Ji.
Lin Qing, who was passing by, stunned the man quickly, and put a pill in his mouth for ten days, which will be dragged into the landscape crevice and set up an invisible smoke screen.
After that, she turned into this human being and walked slowly into it.
Chapter 545 Holy Land
Lin Qing has full experience in pretending to be others.
She calmly walked down the hall and calmly mixed in with the waiters, and then insinuated the small courtyards that had been tested and then rested.
Then, a waiter sent tea names into the small courtyard, posing as a monk who wanted to enter the holy land, Tsukiji.
She didn’t go to the appointed place to meet Ji Ye and others until her identity was completed. Yao Jiangzhu and Yao Bufan finally sneaked in when it was dark.
After two days of comfortable enjoyment in Buddhist mansion, finally on the third day, Mohiu Buddhist called everyone to the holy land.
Lin Qing walked straight along a steep slope in the mixed crowd, and the slope was not wide. Only four people stood side by side. She counted a few hundred monks who went to the Holy Land this time, including the vast majority of high-level officials in the country, except for the Buddhist who personally led the team. The lowest repair among the hundred people was in the late period of foundation construction.
Lin Qing secretly thought.
What is the particularity of the sacred land of the country?
She glanced at her side and looked calm. She glanced at Yao Jiangzhu and Yao Bufan behind her.
Yao Bufan still looks like you don’t care about me, and I don’t want to care about your wooden face.
In Yao Jiangzhu’s place, if he pretends to be a goof, because her eyes purr too much, but there are many people with malicious intentions in this place. There are about three layers of Buddhist monks who look around at her with a sly look, but she is not prominent.
A group of people walked silently like a pilgrimage, and soon the slope became colder and colder, and the monks got excited one after another because there was a Buddhist teacher pressing the field. Although there was no fight, the whole team buzzed wherever it went like a big-headed fly in the next few hours.
Even when Lin Qing was faintly upset, he finally arrived near a sending law.
"You have mercy on me in the eternal world, raising me, etc. Every hundred years, Godsworn will produce pure aura to cross me in the eternal world. Godsworn strode along the avenue, etc. All of them are my mainstay in the eternal world. The law is the holy land." The ink flow near the law is gloomy and he points to the virtual emphasis. "It is rare to stay in the holy land in March. You must act according to my instructions in every word and deed to live up to nature."
As soon as Buddhist’s words came out, the monks who had never been to the holy land all had slightly bright eyes.
Lin Qing quietly lowered his eyes and stole to the law.
It’s a very common send-off, not very high-order …
Where is this going?
It was originally heard that ordinary people didn’t know that there was no small secret realm in the eternal world.
Lin Qing with large forces into the array.
"Kaka Kaka …"
With the ink flowing and singing, it starts like an old car.
Then the law kept shaking, which was different from Lin Qing’s going to take the shuttle bus. She felt that she was shaking a little bit.
When I come back to God, it’s another scene when the scene changes and is over.
Seeing the gray and the depression, there are short hills and rolling rocks from a distance, dark as ink, and the ground is concave, convex and uneven.