The old saying of the red dragon in front of them speaks in a low voice and is very magnetic. It sounds a little old.

Princess? !
Norman never imagined that Ji Ruoxi was really a dragon with identity and a monarch! Let Augustus go. This is equivalent to Randall’s level!
Well, this thigh is thick enough to hold.
It seems that I have adjusted my attitude towards this little girl in the future, but I can’t love to ignore it as before, so I have to be careful to serve it.
Norman was thinking about his eyes at sixes and sevens, and his heart suddenly hitched.
When he saw Ji Rexi’s expression around him, it didn’t seem right.
The princess, who was greeted by the dragons, has a stiff look in her eyes and seems to be thinking something slightly.
She didn’t finally enter the northern territory at all. Norman knows her well, but she is a little nervous and hesitant at the moment
What’s wrong? ……
After the red dragon finished speaking, he was silent around him. He didn’t talk, so he silently surrounded the next circle.
The center JiReXi also silent for half a day before finally mouth.
"Uncle Xiao, how did you know that I came back today? And where did Chen Shu and Huang Shu go? "
Norman smell speech suddenly head a shock yeah Chen Qinghe and Huang Kun? !
The two of them sent them in front of themselves. It is reasonable to say that they will see them now! But none of the dragons around here are them.
Norman, it is the first time for a human being to see so many dragons get together. The scene is so spectacular that he is ecstatic and ignores some obvious things.
"Chen Zongzhu has come all the way back from the south, and the old man has ordered Dai Zong to send him back to Qinghe Xiaozhu to rest, and Huang Xiong’s work will be sent to Qinghe Xiaozhu to rest for a few days."
The red dragon’s eyes were fixed on the two of them, but they were lazy.
"How did the old man know that the princess returned today? Naturally, Dai Zong told the old man that he could do his best to entertain the princess."
Norman vaguely felt that something was wrong. Shen Daizong had been with them for several days, and he was almost inseparable. How did he secretly get in touch with these dragons thousands of miles away? And why did he want to link up with these people in the north behind their backs? And Chen Qinghe, they are tired all the way. Isn’t Ji Ruoxi next to him tired? Why do you want to separate them from each other? ……
"The situation is very bad."
Lancelot made a report dutifully. "According to the past data and the present situation, the situation is very bad. It seems that the dragons are not monolithic. These dragons are probably hostile to Ji Ruoxi around you, and the possibility that you are involved in danger is as high as 927."
This analysis is as good as Norman’s own.
The Knights Templar still have more in-depth guesses and inferences about the eye condition, but those things are of no practical help to the eye condition, so Lancelot will not say it, otherwise Norman will spend more energy to understand and increase Norman’s burden.
Norman’s mind sank gradually, and now he heard Lancelot say that the possibility of his being in danger was as high as 927, which made his heart sink to the bottom completely.
He knows about the Knights Templar, and every Knights Templar speculates that more than 9 possibilities will come true.
Mom sells batches!
Norman heart suddenly cursed and wanted to cry.
How can he be so unlucky! How come there are endless unexpected situations everywhere! He’s visiting!
Ji Rexi’s face has been completely sunk for a long time before he can hold out "Xiao Bonian, you really respect me for dealing with such a little girl as me and bringing so many dragons."
After a pause, she continued, "You may not be afraid of Uncle Chen or Uncle Huang, but I just want to ask you, aren’t you afraid of uncle knowing about this?"
When she said these words, although she tried to calm down, a little panic in her eyes could not be concealed, but the depths of her eyes were more bitter.
For Ji Ruoxi, Shen Daizong’s betrayal seems to make her feel worse than the immediate danger.
The red dragon Xiao Bonian suddenly laughed when he heard this.
"Ji Zheng?"
Xiao Bonian flung his wings back and forth to show his ferocious long wound clearly in front of everyone.
"A dead dragon is afraid?"
Xiao Bonian was lying down and didn’t feel it. Now he has been standing up and found that this red dragon is really bigger than Huang Kun and Chen Qinghe, which gives people a sense of pressure.
JiReXi body with a shock in the eyes is full of disbelief "uncle died? !”
Xiao Bonian towering way "of course, otherwise the old and need to find the monarch you? When Ji Zheng dies, the princess will go with him, and then the so-called orthodoxy will make this old leader sit still! "
Then, with a sudden turn of his words, the momentum suddenly dropped to a leisurely way, "The real monarch can also comfort the fact that she should have passed away when Holker led her. Unexpectedly, the princess has a deep fortune and should be satisfied if she lives for so many days."
As soon as this word was spoken, a man who was standing upright in a hall far away from the earth and facing the huge screen stood silent. Suddenly, he looked Zheng and his eyes flashed, and his stories were connected in series. Finally, he suddenly "clicked" his pen in his hand and broke it into two pieces with one hand. He slammed it and turned to yell angrily at the dark crowd behind him. "Who the fuck was in charge of intelligence analysis when Jebel Dana was there? How come this kind of information has not been analyzed! Will the dragon reveal his whereabouts for no reason? ! Coincidence is there so many coincidences? Dig it out early and you can avoid the dangerous situation! A fucking bunch of people eat for nothing! Don’t do anything every day! ……”
The death of the deceased named "Ji Zheng" seems to be a great blow to Ji Ruoxi. She has always been in a daze, but Norman has some reaction to Xiao Bonian’s words.
What if Jebel Dana and Ji Ruoxi were caught in those years, and Chen Qinghe was arrested together, and Norman was finally dragged into the water because of the red dragon named Xiao Bonian in front of him?
Two-five! It’s shameless to betray your compatriots! The most hateful thing is to drag adults all the way. What a jerk! Not a person! ….. No, this guy is not a person.
Xiao Bonian seems to enjoy this situation for a while without hands.
Maybe he has waited for such a long time, but the last step he has can succeed, but it makes him reluctant to end it immediately.