"Eldest brother eldest brother is going out of town? Take me with you! " Connor shook his arm and parasitized the abalone gun. This weapon made Cui Hetang very jealous.

Cui Hetang did not dare to question Lin momo’s determination that the captain was deceived by fat rhetoric. Otherwise, how could he have given him such a powerful biological weapon?
"No, I have an appointment with elegant" Lin momo shook his head hard and saw my beautiful image flying out of the corner of his eye.
"Oh my God! There is no humanity in the opposite sex. This is our boss! " Fat read smoothly and nonsense, and as a result, Cui Hetang kicked him out. The captain didn’t slander him even if he had the opposite sex and no humanity.
"do it well! It’s time to discipline Connor. Go back and fill him with medicine according to my dosage. "Lin momo’s foot gently soared and soon chased Lin Qingya together."
"My little brother is on time for his first date!" Lin Qingyin teased in headphones.
Lin momo was embarrassed to reply "elegant elder sister, I found that once I get acquainted with you, you are the kind of girl who is not taboo. At least I am an adult and don’t bite a little brother! How hard it is to hear the captain get goose bumps all over. "
"Goose bumps? I see that true and false wise men are not easy to deceive! " Lin elegant light smile like a bell and then headed for the central high speed.
"Pretty cute sister!" Lin momo looked ahead, and his boots had golden light pulse, so he hurried easily.
After half a quarter of an hour, Lin Qingya suddenly slowed down and made a graceful figure to observe the suspended ore. After watching it for a long time, she frowned and said to herself, "No! Should be here. "
Lin momo concentrated on induction. It’s a pity that nothing turned around except the open area and said, "There are a lot of strange magnetic field sources here, so I can’t find out if Sister Qingya specially asked me out to investigate this matter?"
"Smelly little you are almost a worm in your sister’s stomach, and nothing can hide from you. I suspect that the source of the magnetic field here is a cosmic curiosity and the level is not low." Lin Qingya said, showing a multi-functional detector to scan Fiona Fang several kilometers in detail, hoping to find some strange places.
"The level is not low? If it’s that high-level, can you and I merge? " Lin momo caught the essence of the problem. Advanced cosmic wonders may not be helpful.
"It’s hard to say that light, heat, cold and magnetism are common properties. There are too many kinds of energy in the world. Solar antimatter energy, nuclear energy, crystal refining energy, biological energy, magnetic energy and helium energy are numerous. However, the more popular energy is, the more development potential it has. After all, it has a wide range of sources! If conditions permit, it’s not difficult to integrate advanced cosmic wonders. It’s just some waves. It’s just that people who talk about it have summed up that the so-called column types don’t delve into it. You know, if it’s really upgraded to Class B, it’s a far cry from the different levels developed according to the previous fusion of cosmic wonders. If it’s fierce, Class B can often challenge five Class B ships. Some of them are afraid to meet such a tough opponent. The world of star cruises is full of latecomers. Finding this geomagnetic source may be of great help to you and my ship. It’s a pity that the
Lin momo swept a few eyes and sat down to close his eyes. Since the strange things in the universe account for a "strange" word, it is difficult to explain the bright future by conventional theory or disturb the sinking blade.
"What do you think of the magnetic source?" Lin momo mind asking hope to get the answer.
A long time ago, deep in my mind, I burst into a quack-quack laugh and said, "Finally know to ask my old man for help? It’s an old practice to explore the secluded places like this, but the white hole you found is really a once-in-a-lifetime wonder of the universe. To be honest, I’ve been looking for the source of the magnetic field these days. This thing is in a half-dimensional place and you can’t naturally monitor it. "
"Xiao cold predecessors are also adventurers?" Lin momo has always been very curious about the owner of the sinking blade.
"He? Now, after all the adventurers’ ancestors, you will learn about Shui Han. Let me know the source of the maze magnetic field first, and it will be hundreds of meters above your head. "Deteriorating blade cooing Lin momo listened very carefully, and the more he learned, the more he was horrified.
Lin elegant is carefully watching the forest protection momo slowly produce a light golden awn around as if it were a glittering mirror to the top of the head.
Volume 4 Rise! Breaking the Quartet Chapter 19 The hourglass
A meteorite was exposed at the position where the golden light shone. The meteorite was like blue jade with potholes and mysterious halos on its surface.
Lin momo just wanted to take a closer look at the golden light to maintain the mirror. Suddenly, the wonders at high places disappeared as if they had never appeared.
"Sinking predecessors, what is this?"
"Strong spontaneous magnetic resistance is of great benefit to me. I’ll eat leftovers first and then give them to you and your horse and boat." The sinking blade hey hey smiled and ignored the owner’s complaint and went to rest.
Lin momo’s face became ugly. This guy is old and disrespectful, and his mouth is too much than Connor’s. However, from his words, it can be determined that this meteorite is the Phantom of the Universe and has the opportunity to break through the so-called bottleneck period.
"What’s wrong with it?" Lin elegant earnestly ask don’t know has been arranged into a team.
"Well, I’m fine! It is this meteorite that maintains the magnetic field here and there is a thick soil layer outside to squeeze it. It is too early for me to move it. "Lin momo didn’t want to reveal the sinking blade. He said that" elegant and elegant "quickly collected the Jin Lei worm and then the ship micro-robot decomposed and refined enough to make the metal raw materials play this meteorite at the end in the future."
"Still want to take this step? I have calculated that if you want to extract all the metal raw materials here, it is difficult to complete the crystal refining without fifteen thousand units. "Lin Qingya feels it is a pity that she has worked so hard to receive the crystal refining.
Lin momoma exhorted, "Don’t haggle over trifles! You and I can afford this crystal refining at present, and the charm said that this exercise is conducive to the upgrading of micro-robots and can make the future go more smoothly! "
Lin Qingya nodded and agreed to exchange refined crystal for rare raw materials. A large part of the fifteen thousand units of refined crystal will be spent exploring the phantom of the opera and the emerald of rare elements. Now the level doesn’t need leftover materials.
For star cruises, the rarer the material, the more helpful it is. The metal elements secreted by Jin Lei worms can’t be generalized. It is the choice to take the essence and discard the dross.
After returning to the ship, the two became radical. Before that, the ore and insect carcasses around the hull were sent to the warehouse for processing. The micro-robot was invincible with strong energy as its backing. It seemed that two small rare element refining factories were so busy in the warehouse every day to prepare.
Now Lin momo worth exactly to what extent? It can be said that the incarnate son has reached the point where he sees a huge amount of refined crystal.
Somehow, there are more than 50,000 units of refined crystal income even if the Jade number is divided equally. Galindo has previously earned 20,000 units. If the third galaxy is enough to organize a force and this foundation is half a star field.
Lin momo thinks it’s time to repay Uncle John. The Phantom of the Opera originally belonged to Klinsmann. Although it was old when it took over, she was outstanding.
How determined does it take John to be a star cruise ship? Need to wait for a long-term view? The kindness of thinking about the source of drinking water must be repaid, and it will be very troublesome if there is no interest group support behind the out-of-bounds galaxy. Once the star cruise ship is damaged, the forces behind it will be the best place to recuperate. This rule has been going on for many years.
Shilin momo has a bold plan in his heart to promote the Klinsmann group Penn Edward family to unite and thus assist an emperor of the Third Galaxy Jinfeng Empire to ascend to the throne.
If it develops to a certain extent and ten star cruises are made, that’s the scenery. Then the Phantom of the Opera will be the leader of the fleet. On finding bad luck in the red storm or facing hydra, organizations can get what they want, so it will not be in vain.
Fortunately, Lin momo didn’t tell his "great" ambition to the sinking blade. If he did, would the owner of the sinking blade be partial to the third-rate country like Jinfeng Empire? The real stage should be gorgeous, and even the second galaxy is too poor.
Time flies to the white hole area. It has been half a year, and it is one step closer to Lin momo’s ten years.
Things are hard to predict. It was during this period of disappearance that someone took great pains to find clues and finally learned that the Phantom of the Opera was rushed out of bounds by the third galaxy, but the clues were interrupted! Because the galaxy out of bounds is too big, even if the forces behind it are no matter how powerful, it is good to give up after searching for a long time.
The female bridge with silver hair dancing looked at Xinghai and muttered to herself, "Momo, it’s unbelievable that you are the captain of a star cruise ship! Or sister Mana is right. It’s a pity that people are poor in potential, but their companions are missing. Damn catalyst. "
"Your Eminence Amelia Crown, please welcome." The blonde waiter stood respectfully behind his daughter with fanaticism and surprise in his eyes.
"I know, you go!" Amelia’s voice was cold and her face was not emotional when she turned around.
Amelia entered the prayer room a little later and made a slight salute and asked, "Your Excellency, you wanted to see me?"
An old man in the main seat of the center laughed and said, "Children don’t have to be so cautious in front of me. Most of my parish’s confidants are from Tiffany’s. We are a family."
Amelia’s face softened as if she had made up her mind to say, "Your eminence, I need a teaching ship, an interstellar cruise ship big enough to cross the boundary."
"What did you say?" Your Excellency was surprised. You know, the cardinal is the only one who can decide on the ownership of a teaching ship in the out-of-bounds galaxy. He is not up to the level.
"Please give this to Cardinal Maher, and he will be able to meet my requirements." Amelia said and took out the exquisite stone statue.
"This is? Thanksgiving order? Amelia’s crown is worthy of Tiffany’s pride, and she has achieved this at an early age, which makes the old lady envy! Your eminence will give you a powerful teaching ship. Life in the galaxy is very boring and heavy. Can you eat it? " The bishop narrowed his eyes and took the stone statue with a smile.
"Thank you for your hard heart. I, Amelia, have come through. I don’t mind being boring. I hope your Excellency will introduce some Friar Wu to me as a crew member. I will be rewarded in the future." Amelia looked at the bishop with a serious look. She was no longer a cage and looked at Lin momo outside, but a spokesperson for one party.
"Ha ha good say good say! Just now, I was looking for a crown to give gifts to the adults in the world. It seems that we will be closer to the children in the future. You can rest assured that you will have a bright future with my help. "Your Excellency is happy to put away the gratitude order and decided to meet the cardinals immediately when the ship arrives at the port. In this era, the clergy are brothers Wu, who have a unique mind. Another name for them is Totemist.
Looking back, Lin momo’s virus finally came into being. Harley and Lin Qingya spent a lot of brain cells and passed the test of Pei Lin Pandora day and night. It should not be a problem to get the C-class star cruise ship.
"Listen, I’ll break in first, and then you split up." Lin momo charged through the wave frequency and then started the laser sword to pierce the sunken ship door.
This half a year, Lin momo has removed the hatch armor a little bit, and now it is the last step.
I have to admit that the evolution of C-class star cruises is very outstanding. Even after a lot of preparations, it took nearly half an hour for Lin momo to break through.
Without too many words, Lin momo’s body has been simulated for thousands of times before action, and the fastest way to find a terminal is to race against time.
"Where? Where? Where is the terminal? " Lin momo’s hand is holding a metal four-mile scan, but it is depressing that the ship is like a maze and even the induction is limited
"Pay attention to the emblem of life." The peacock suddenly woke up, which made Lin momo feel a tingle in his heart. What would it be like to be able to live if the grain flow attacked?
"I’m going to look at the display data." Lin momo calmed down and decided to make a quick decision because he was running out of time.
"The emblem of life is very weak. Come with me." Peacock came out to guide the way, and soon entered a prescription hall, which seems to be the center of the maze.
"Hey, what is this?" Lin momo frown at the front of a half-meter-high hourglass suspension hall in the middle of which is dripping bright red liquid.
"The captain found the terminal is" Peacock immediately instructed Lin momo to insert the CD in the past.
Generally speaking, if Hengbo Shuren loses its master control ability, it will definitely disappear. However, after the normal fall of a star cruise ship, the situation seems to be an accident. If the hull damage is not very serious, it will be slowly adjusted by the Ministry mechanism for several years. Only a C-class sunken ship has the basic defense function. This is called "death without rigidity"!
After the virus was injected into the terminal, the peacock devoured the data. Lin Sisuo sent a signal to everyone and then injected it into the middle of the hall. This thing actually has a life emblem and a sunken ship, and it is arranged into a huge maze, which can’t help but make people curious.