"So I divided a team to go to Jiankang House on land and water and eat the Jiankang House" Ma bu "or horse stance just look and the navy together. It’s up to Kong Zhende to destroy the military power of the Southern Song Dynasty as much as possible. This battle must hurt the Southern Song Dynasty."

Zhou sneered, "Zhenjiang Prefecture and Jiankang Prefecture were destroyed by us, and then the military strength in the Jianghuai area in the Southern Song Dynasty was destroyed by us for five years. It is impossible to rebuild the defense in the Jianghuai area!"
Chapter 692 Song Jun "big turn into"
After a series of military arrangements for Cui Hui’s southern Song Jianghuai theater were completed, Liu Kun’s death was learned the following week.
He suddenly some regrets.
"He died of illness before playing. It seems that God is not going to let me play with him."
"Liu Kun is a meritorious veteran, so he died without any regrets."
Zhou Zhixue sighed for a while and said, "He can do more. It is never possible for us to play in person."
"That’s true, but instead of surrendering, Yangzhou City hangs up the white flag and plans to fight to the death. Is there any danger?"
Zhou asked Zhou Zhixue
Zhou Zhixue thought for a moment and shook his head.
"I think we still believe in our soldiers. Song Jun is also a trapped animal. Although he is young and a veteran, it is worthy of trust. We have a quick victory. Let Ling Shi pay more attention to it. This is him."
Zhou nodded his head.
"All right, do as you say. Do it quickly."
According to the weekly arrangement, the army played a triumphant song and took Zhenjiang House, and then divided into two roads and went all the way to Jiankang House, and went directly to Lin’ an to carry out their own tasks.
In the face of the failure of Jianghuai theater too quickly, Song Ting and Song Jun were obviously unprepared.
Come on, Liu Kun, Zhenjiang has arranged 10 thousand defenders. It’s not that easy to be defeated by the army.
It is definitely not easy for them to insist on defending 4,000 troops, Genfanai, Zhenjiang and Jiang Nanan to gain a firm foothold.
However, the retreat of the Song water army in Jiangbei was too embarrassing. They also brought false news that the army claimed that Liu Yong had been defeated at that time, and the result was very smooth, which frightened Wei Tang, the commander of Zhenjiang.
After much deliberation, he felt that Liu Yong must be dead now that he was defeated, so there was nothing to be sorry for, so he took the lead and fled with Wu Chao.
Of course, the Lord didn’t want to die when he ran away, so they rushed to escape, and Zhenjiang elders also ran with the army for fear of being plundered by the army
Zhenjiang’s army fled, leaving two or three kittens with the big stream, either hiding in the people or simply preparing for the army to join the army for a living.
So when four thousand military pioneers arrived in Zhenjiang, they took Zhenjiang without bloodshed, defended the important town, and even Song Jun’s down archers surrendered and took the initiative to lead the way, so that the army successfully got a lot of military trench.
The defenders of Zhenjiang continued to flee south at a fast speed.
On April 15, Jintan County fled in a mess. Wu Chao and Wei Tang ran into each other. Jintan County was unwilling to continue to ban 20,000 people in North Lin ‘an.
When this imperial army arrived in Lujin Town, it arrived in Jintan County, which is very close to Zhenjiang.
However, Guo Shan, the commander of this imperial army, paid for the imperial military post by bribery. He has always been good at defending himself, and he can be said to know a little about military affairs.
Before he set out, he heard that the imperial army was brave and good at fighting, and that there were many cavalry soldiers as fierce as the nomads from the past. Every soldier liked to tie his enemy’s head and horse with him, so he was afraid.
After leading the troops, Guo felt that it would be very dangerous to get too close to the front line. When the time came, he could not escape, and he would be punished even if he lost his troops. So he decided to stop at Jintan and wait and see the situation.
Watching the situation can be said to be a sure-fire political skill. It is not the meritorious military service or military talent but the political team’s ability to watch the situation that can be used to get into the position of senior officer in the forbidden army.
Because of this political ability, he was able to keep a firm foothold in the position of senior military officials and was not eliminated
It seems to him that Liu Kun, the old man, can fight so well, so let him fight.
If Liu Yong wins, he will immediately fight for credit in the north, and then he can get a share of the victory with his shameless and contacts in the DPRK.
If Liu Yong is defeated, he will say that the army is too strong to fight, but there is no need to die. Then he will immediately transfer to the Bulgarian army and take the army away, and then ask someone to transport it. Maybe he can make up for it.
No matter how you look at this deal, it’s a sure bet, which is in line with his idea of always being in the afterlife.
So Guo Shan has been watching and watching, and when Wu Chao and Wei Tang fled with more than 10 thousand routed troops, they directly turned the wait and see into an enemy.
On hearing that Liu Kun was defeated, the army was finished, Zhenjiang was lost, and Guo Yan was scared out of his wits on the spot. All the meritorious deeds and rewards were thrown behind his head, and the army left without saying anything, and ran away with Wu Chao and Wei Tang.
Twenty thousand imperial also said nothing.
Why are they still here when the main commanders have run away?
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