And the woman’s milk also offered a picture of mountains and rivers and red hydrangeas. After offering two treasures, a golden gourd appeared at the same time. It was the woman who came to dress up the golden gourd to recruit the demon.

I saw the half-mountain river and country map show, and everything around me merged, and then the red hydrangea rolled and a red light didn’t reach the heat wave.
In Qing Ye, after the mysterious tower of heaven and earth, the axe of the gods and the map of mountains and rivers and the state of Nuwa were revealed, the face of death changed again and again. He really couldn’t figure out that he had put his life on the line to get this soul-eating gun. How many treasures did Qing Ye and the prostitute have? And these treasures are not weaker than soul-eating guns, especially Qing Ye’s axe, which is even more powerful!
However, the present situation has not allowed him to think more. The soul-eating gun violently turned into a series of guns in his hand, and the waves of black guns spread all over the dense area, and then hit the red hydrangea of female prostitutes.
After the stroke, the red hydrangea flew back to the high golden gourd, and a white light appeared at the mouth of the gourd, and its light was as big as a thumb and suddenly shot at death.
This white light, like the innate spirit in the spirit-crushing gourd, is overbearing and torn, scaring death to return to the gun to meet it.
Just then, Qing Ye came out with an axe in his hand.
"Pangu gives way to the axe every day!"
The axe waves crossed dozens of miles to form a rift valley, and everything was avoided. "Hiss" crossed the body of death in the frightened eyes of death.
Death’s black magic gas disappears like a broken life. The silence between heaven and earth seems to have passed for a long time. Death feels that everything has stopped, then screams miserably and then disappears into heaven and earth.
Soul-eating gun falls from half posture.
Qing Ye saw that his hands would be closed with one move, and then he could no longer support himself from the height and staggered on the ground.
And the female milk also fell pale and took back the Lingbao and came to Qing Ye’s side. Looking at Qing Ye’s face, he couldn’t help but eagerly said, "How is the husband?"
Looking at Nu Wa Qing Ye’s face and muscles, she smiled stiffly "Nothing".
Then put a ban on Qing Ye and Nu Wa to cross their legs and swallow the elixir, and then pranayama. After a while, they woke up and recovered.
Come to the edge of the Grand Canyon of Death, Qing Ye’s mind read a soul-eating gun and appeared in Qing Ye’s hand. Qing Ye’s eyes flashed with a soul-eating gun. What’s the secret of death in the cave?
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Taibai to heaven for science.
Nu Wa came to Qing Ye to see Qing Ye, God knows what Ye Qing thinks, and said that the torch-devouring gun should be the death’s income in the cave of death. There may be other secrets, so we will go in and find out. "
Qing Ye nodded and smiled back. "But this soul-eating gun is very powerful. Wait for me to refine it again and then enter you and me after refining."
Female prostitute nods "good!
So Qing Ye sacrificed HarmonyOS’s spirit fire and constantly sacrificed and refined the soul-eating gun, while the prostitutes kept by.
Death is dead and stays in the soul-eating gun. God’s knowledge naturally dissipates, but the soul-eating gun is not so easy to refine. One hundred years of refining have passed.
Century violet city star Luo and others have also come twice to pay their respects to Qing Ye and Nunai.
Qing Ye and the prostitute teamed up to kill the god of death, and the movement was very far away. After the Dragon Island Dragon clan was naturally disturbed, they sent the Dragon Elders to the direction of the Mountain of Warcraft.
When I came to the Mountain of Warcraft, I met the elder pavilion of Violet Palace in Violet City, and others asked why. To be known, Qing Ye, the Lord of Violet City, made a big noise, and the dragon elders frightened back to Dragon Island, and then told the dragon patriarch to move around and report everything.
The prestige of the century-old violet city has become stronger and stronger, and it has faintly overwhelmed the dragon island that has stood on the mainland of the dragon god for hundreds of millions of years.
When Augusta, the light master, rushed back from Pangu world to the light world and came to the transformation pool of two twelve-winged angels destroyed by Qing Ye, he was furious and rushed to vomit blood. When he entered the god plane he created, he saw that nearly 2,000 twelve-winged angels escaped without even the last glimmer of hope, and he roared like thunder.
"Qing Ye I with you forever! I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you bastard! " Light dominates Augusta’s long hair and growls at the sky. His handsome face is completely twisted together, and his hands are bent into claws, which makes him extremely angry.
I attacked a light at random, and Augusta swallowed her anger, stopped roaring and then quieted down. The golden eyebrows fluttered and there was a little cold light in the depths of her eyes.
A moment later, Augusta, the master of light, came to Haiaowei Island, the prison of God, and watched the temple that stood in the god of light for hundreds of millions of years crashing to the ground. Augusta, the master of dust and light, was murderous, especially when Hanjin, the most popular and powerful son, was lying on the ground with no rest. Augusta, the master of time, could not help shaking.
After a long time, Augusta, the master of light, recalled and re-elected all the women in the prison sea, and the owner of Augusta’s family ordered some matters and came to heaven.
When you come to the celestial world, light dominates Augusta, and fate dominates Orff’s integration, and then you realize that the Sword Canon of Shushan Sword School absorbs the immortal spirit transformed from Laojiu to then.
The fusion of Augusta, who is dominated by light for a hundred years, and Orff, who is dominated by fate, has successfully understood the meaning of the sword in The Book of Sword and absorbed the immortal spirit transformed by the nine-turn elixir into its own main divine power.
Immortal power is not the master of HarmonyOS’s world. When Augusta tried to integrate his own master power, it was not easy. In the past 100 years, the progress was not very good, but he also gained something.
One hundred years later, Augusta, the master of light, opened his eyes from the closed door and saw that his eyes shot two sharp and extremely firm but gentle shock waves through several turbulent flows.
Up, light dominates Augusta’s hands, pointing to the sky, ringing and ringing, and a golden light seems to be unsheathed from the scabbard of heaven and earth and stab into the sky.
Heaven and earth change color, thunder and lightning
See a blow power light dominate Augusta Zhang Zhang hands can’t help laughing "ha ha ha ha one hundred years of enlightenment was finally we realized the sword, the blow light alone dominate Augusta will see that the attack is several times stronger than before.
"Qing Ye, I’ll surprise you when you wait for the next meeting." Augusta, the light master, sneered and mused, "But even if the attack is several times stronger, it’s still not sure to deal with him now. It’s not too late for me to integrate the three rules of sword, meaning, light, fate and the main divine power with the fairy spirit to find him again."
Augusta, the master of light, thought of this and continued to practice with closed comprehension.
In the HarmonyOS world, the chaotic sea of hell has gradually expanded with the influence of the heavenly religion, and now the chaotic sea has been spread all over the place. Every island is stationed with the heavenly religion and heavenly soldiers, and the five continents and the misty sea of stars are also stationed with the heavenly guardian gods, which gradually collect the forces from all over the world.
The hell of the four high gods has been gradually controlled by the heavenly religion
In the past hundred years, the number of heavenly teachers and heavenly soldiers has reached hundreds of millions, and there are also tens of thousands of brothers around. The peripheral and peripheral brothers live in the Heavenly Palace every day, and the strength of Qing Ye’s "Anti-God Tactics" has risen rapidly, and the peripheral brothers have gradually transformed into fairy spirits. Generally, they have reached the middle stage of Xuanxian, and some have reached the high stage of Xuanxian, while many of them have reached the stage of Taiyi Xuanxian. After practicing the "Anti-God Tactics", some former dzogchen brothers have finally made breakthroughs in Jin Xian in the past hundred years.
Jin Xian is equivalent to a god.