Since the Comas family and the political letter at the southern foot are mortgaged, Mr. Comas has to inform others in the family and get the consent. Huang Xuan nodded slightly, but he has not realized Mr. Comas’ predicament.

Huang Xuan, dressed in a big crimson robe, waddled behind Mr. Comas like an enlarged goldfish.
The Comas family house is much more magnificent than the Huang family, except that the hundred-storey old building is a bit disgusting, and the whole house has quite a taste of martial arts villa.
But their Committee is called in that building
In fact, from the perspective of a 21st century person, this building is far superior to the World Trade Center destroyed by Uncle Bin Laden. However, from the perspective of the world, a 100-storey high-rise building is really unpretentious. No matter how advanced the stairs are, it can’t change the fact that there is no flat house for people to enjoy. The Japanese have long discovered this, so they will leave so many houses in downtown Tokyo. Mr. Comas is probably able to understand Huang Xuan’s disdain. His eyes are quite embarrassed. Unfortunately, the building is a Comas family, and he can’t change it.
Huang Xuan is familiar with the clan meetings of committees. He knows the "history" of the Huang family. Such meetings usually tell the meeting that he has mastered the family’s greatest interests since he remembered Huang Jindi, and the clan meetings have long decided the topic-until Huang Jindi retired.
However, when Huang Xuan entered the first floor of the building, he was surprised by what he saw.
There are at least a thousand people here.
Philip Comus came over and looked at Huang Xuan in the Han Dynasty robe in amazement for a long time before he bowed his head and said hello.
Huang Xuan saluted his shoulders and shook hands with him in a friendly way. "I didn’t expect so many people."
"Recently …" Philip just wanted to say that Mr. Comas coughed gently and he suddenly stopped.
Obviously, so many people have just called Huang Xuan to ask Mr. Comas for help, but they don’t know that Mr. Comas has his own troubles, otherwise how could they promise to be so unhappy?
The noise stopped as Mr. Comas walked out of the stage, and his prestige remained the same. The contradiction between the highest-ranking travelers’ families was quite sufficient-but the strike power was also extremely great at certain times.
"Before voting, I want to inform you that some people may have met Mr. Huang Xuan, who is here today to seek the Comas family."
The leaders of Comas family should know that Huang Xuan hides his identity, but most people don’t know that Huang Xuan looks at Mr. Comas inexplicably and doesn’t know what he really wants to say.
The whole floor is open, and there is not a single column. It is still very obvious that there is no limit to the development of technology P112.
Mr. Comas glanced at Huang Xuan in front of everyone and turned to "Grudo Contieroni, do you want to talk to me again?"
Mr. Comas, who was called Mingdu, was very mature but had not yet aged. Several people hesitated to look at Huang Xuan for a moment and then came out.
They were not going to talk to Mr. Comas again, and they were going to vote by force, but now Huang Xuan obviously gave Mr. Comas a chance
Several aspects are too complicated for Huang Xuan to imagine. He looks at thousands of people in a daze like a column on the spot, but he can’t think of white festival. However, his eyes and nose and his silk robe in the Han Dynasty are in line with the image of some people.
Mr. Comas said something like "I’m sorry to wait a moment" and walked away from the stage and smiled at Huang Xuan. "Mr. Huang, let’s talk inside."
Huang Xuan followed without saying a word, and he had no choice.
Mr. Comas took the lead in entering the first floor, and the other three people hesitated and followed. Finally, Huang Xuanfei listened to Mr. Comas saying to the three people, "I think we can talk again."
Grudo grunted, "What is there to talk about?"
"How about listening to Mr. Huang?" Mr. Comas hoped to see Huang Xuan.
He didn’t expect Huang Xuan to be equally skilled in family affairs. He hardly thought about it and took the baggage and take the journey. "Let’s talk about what it is first." His tone was abrupt and there was no ceremony.
Mr. Comas smiled awkwardly. Grudoma knew that this fellow was a white wolf with gloves, but his face became even uglier.
Huang Xuan waited there with a belly, although he had no stomach to stand.
Philip came in from behind and saw the situation break the situation and said, "Mr. Huang Grudo, they want to share the benefits of the war equally."
"Oh?" Huang Xuan’s tone became bad, but he took away some of the war criminals.
Ronnie came out and denied that "it’s not all like this. The biggest problem is that we are not clear about the allocation of funds to the Wendling family, mainly their vassal families."
I’m afraid that money in a big family will cause such a rebound. If there is a vote, the so-called Committee members will of course vote in their favor, regardless of whether they have paid a corresponding fee or not.
Huang Xuan chuckled, "Well … I don’t like getting involved in his family."
Mr. Comas shook his head and said, "Not only that, they want to deprive these vassal families of their property, especially the property from different sources …"
"We saved their lives," Kang Jieda interrupted Mr. Comas. "This money may be the money left by the Wendling family for their comeback. Of course we can’t let them stay, and it is also illegal."
"This is a special period." Mr. Comas’s consideration is obviously even more obvious. If all the vassal families are deprived of funds, it is likely to be traced back to a long period of time, which will inevitably bring instability
Huang Xuan: It seems that the elders of Comus family were carried away by several funds and victories, but it can’t be said that Mr. Comus’s conservative way is correct. If all goes well, they can indeed get more benefits and sacrifice the interests of Wendling’s vassal families. Even the latter will accept the question whether the rebound can be suppressed.
Huang Xuan can’t make a statement naturally. It’s just a debate without a standard answer. It would have been a very interesting topic, but once hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, it becomes cruel.
The quarrel between Comas brothers and three people became more and more fierce, and their words became unfriendly. Huang Xuan sat there drinking a drink and wondered if this was Mr. Comas’ way of refusing.
About 4 minutes later, Grudo got angry and blushed. "Let’s vote," he said, saluting Huang Xuan. "Mr. Huang is really sorry for the terrible things at home."
Together with him, the two of them got up and walked out of the door with their heads held high, probably sure to win the vote.
Mr. Comas got up with a black face and said, "Mr. Huang, er, they may get two-thirds of the votes, these short-term guys."
Huang Xuan finally thought that seeing Mr. Comas at this moment could not help but try, "I have an idea. What do you think?"
Chapter five hundred and fifty Money laundering (4)
Although Huang Xuan’s youth made his political choice still naive, it affected his vision.
Mr. Comas sat back in the chair path. "Mr. Huang, please."
Huang Xuanshi Shi Ran said, "I just heard Mr. Comas mean to classify the Wendling family and their vassal property and try to supervise it, right?"
Philip didn’t look very well and replied, "We don’t know how much of the money is going to be restored by the Wendling family, but it must be part of it. It is definitely inappropriate if it is not supervised."
"If you supervise, you have to invest, right?" Huang Xuan smiled two times.
Philip bowed his head by default.
"Then how to classify it?" Huang Xuan asked again
"The immediate confiscation of the property belonging to the Wendling family has already been done," Philip said, spinning his glass. "The source of the small family property belonging to the Wendling family is not immediately confiscated and attached to the Wendling family property review and supervision. That’s what we mean."
"There will also be a rebound, won’t there?"
What Huang Xuan said made Mr. Comas’s face look worse and worse. This is naturally the weakness of his plan. The double methods will touch the difference between those vassal families.
Of course, it can also be seen as a question of how the two sides understand the bottom line of the vassal family. It is difficult to judge the problem. Mr. Comus’s approach is relatively safe, and Grudo and others probably think that even if all the vassal family property is confiscated, they dare not resist or can easily suppress it after resisting.
Huang Xuan reconsidered his thoughts and whispered, "Why not let bygones be bygones?"
"How is it possible?" Philip also shouted. Mr. Comas also looked up. Huang Xuan’s statement seemed more conservative than his.
Huang Xuan looked solemn and said, "Mr. Comas is in charge of the administration. The best I can do is to let them not directly intervene in the R plane. But what about these Wendling family supporters?"