Huang Xuan deliberately hesitated for a moment and then said "good" with a determined look.

He hopes that the more muddy the better, the better. It is better to fight in a mess so that the Norman family can’t get involved
After the two agreed that Huang Xuan’s shuttle car came out, they ordered Kearns to say, "How are you? Can you still fight? "
Kearns pulled a long face and said, "BOSS, we’ve played several games in a row, and all of them are low-level travelers. At this high frequency, they will collapse."
Huang Xuan listened. He wanted to laugh like an English punk, but he felt bad and coughed. "What’s the damage from the war?"
"So far, some people have been killed," Kearns said with a sigh. "There were too many other travelers in the second world war. Our foundation was shaky, and the movement speed was slow and the steering was slower. Several people haven’t learned how to transport energy in the opposite direction."
He said that the second war was to attack Bernie and kill that fellow with many travelers. Although many low-level travelers were hung in the magma, there was no similar danger at the intermediate level. Finally, the resistance was very powerful
Personal death is nothing more than 67% damage to Huang Xuan for a team of more than 100 people, but he can understand Kearns’s calm mood. "What do you think is ready for another battle?"
The attack efficiency of more than 100 travelers is still very effective, especially their sprint attack situation. The output per second can be 6 levels, which is equivalent to that of an advanced traveler. The overall combat traveler is equivalent to an advanced traveler without logistical supplement.
Kearns was silent for a long time to make sure that Huang Xuan must go to war before he whispered, "The first is to give pensions to the dead, and the second is to recruit new combat travelers to supplement them."
In the second sentence, when he didn’t finish the war, the casualty rate of the front row travelers was always higher. If the new combat travelers could be placed in the front row, their war-weariness would naturally be reduced.
If a low-level traveler is hit by an energy cannon, he will probably be killed immediately. Every time he fights, he must expect the other side to aim at it. If it is not his best situation, it will be the other side to save energy without making an output.
Huang Xuan had no objection. "Do you think it is possible to train travelers?"
"They have gone through basic training for at least half a month, and there is no problem with the output."
"Then decide. Tell Nick."
Huang Xuan’s tactical requirement is that good exchange is a matter of course than increasing reinforcements
During the preparation of Huang Xuan, Mr. Comas was not idle either. Although he was sure that caio would part ways with Pranger, he still tried to recruit as many family members as possible.
Including Felix Comas, 16 travelers were called, each of whom was Mr. Comas nephew Arnold Yezhong.
Only from this point can we see that Mr. Comas bet.
At dinner, Mr. Comas invited Huang Xuan to dinner and introduced the 16 travelers to him one by one.
Huang Xuan secretly remembers their names and looks. These 16 people are almost the closest force that Mr. Comas can take out. Speaking of Comas’ family pedigree, it is really good, not only for the third-class travelers, but also for the average young people.
Seeing these people, especially Mr. Comas’ sons Arnold and Spillo Huang Xuan, we can also get a glimpse of Mr. Comas’ gambler’s character and face-to-face close combat, and it is extremely dangerous for the other party to kill whoever they want to fight in the war in the face of several senior travelers.
Huang Xuan is afraid of the dead. From the first time, he didn’t appear in the battlefield, and he is not going to make an exception this time.
Mr. Comas briefly described to more than a dozen people what needs to be prepared, and said to Huang Xuandao, "We Comas will be the most dangerous frontier then."
Huang Xuan said a few words of courtesy, and Mr. Comas stopped insisting.
These people are the backbone of the Comas family. It’s a pity that Huang Xuan’s fighting travelers lost their lives. Who said that people’s value is the same? People struggle all their lives to improve their own value. If people’s values are really the same, there is no need for social development.
Mr. Comas is in charge of monitoring caio and Pranger. He is a garrison soldier with 26 hands and a new contract. After that, Mr. Comas can keep an eye on Beta’s face even if he is found out.
Huang Xuan’s waiting for the arrival of a new traveler is a great encouragement to everyone, and it is also very tempting for him to agree, which not only represents that Comas can be tied to his own warship, but also brings tangible benefits
Kearns added a new traveler to the three teams, and one team added the most, accounting for half of the three teams, but in this way, the first team was not a P112 traveler.
Most of the newly added travelers come from several small planes equivalent to the R plane. It is not right for Kearns to recruit travelers directly from the plane. Like his British colleagues, Kearns values veteran commanders more. He would rather lose two recruits than one veteran in wartime. This supplement is a continuation of this idea.
Huang Xuan keenly noticed that Kearns did not form a new team, and he had no contact with the army. He knew very well that veterans’ attitude towards recruits would be bullied when they were training, and they would probably be pushed to the forefront when they were recruited during the war.
However, Huang Xuan did not object to this. After the inspection, he said to Kearns, "Two months of soldiers are not backbone."