Then the guards came to explain that "Star God told us that these holes should be played lightly … here is organic, you see …"

The guards carefully picked up a small metal pole by the window, got up from a small hole, gently pushed the hole and hit the air conditioning outside, which made the guards unable to help but retreat two steps. When the guards saw it, they quickly said to them, "When you live here, there will be fewer doors and the heat in this hole will run out, so it will be cold when you sleep late."
Hot air? Who didn’t notice that it turned out to be hot in the house. He just stayed inside because of someone before … But now I feel it carefully and know that the heat is far from being able to warm the whole house by some people.
As soon as the guard left the guard, he groped with his children in the room, and soon it was discovered that the source of hot air in this room was their feet.
The floor of the house is not mud, but a layer of floor, which looks like wood, but it is not hard and slightly hot to touch.
"Wei!" Several partners have made new discoveries outside. "Come and see the Star God!"
Wei immediately put on his own clothes and gloves and ran out of the door. Soon they saw that a young man came over and his hair changed color, which was very similar to the appearance of a witch carving a few stars and gods.
Little Star God was led out of the village by a group of guards and workers. Obviously, the adults also realized that there was a lively event to watch. Many people quit their jobs one by one, and many children followed him. Wei hesitated. Before coming, his father told himself to be obedient and stay indoors. He was not allowed to go anywhere except for eating. Now he can’t help it.
Anyway, my father and mother can’t see themselves now, and all his friends have gone … Wei thought so and trotted off towards the crowd.
35 Little Star God casts spells
The crowd stopped shortly after going out.
By this time, they have come to the place where the workers work, and there are Jin people at the forefront of fighting nature these days.
All the way here, the guards noticed that this should be the place where the tribes cut down trees. It should have been a dense forest. Because of the arrival of the tribes, a large area has appeared in the original dense jungle.
There are still roots in the ground. Before that, it should be part of this forest.
But now there are weeds and shrubs left here.
Some trees have fallen down, and they should be part of the village that Wei just saw.
But more trees are still around, and you can see the whole flat land as far as the eye can see, stretching all the way to the distant mountains
Looking back and forth at the junction of the star and the forest, just like the witches in the tribe, seems to be preparing for a grand sacrifice and divination. At the moment, preparations are being made before the action.
In the past two days, when the tribe was young and strong, the workers nearby talked about the present situation here.
"There are not enough people. The gods say that we need to cut down all the trees that can be seen here … I’m afraid we can’t cut down a generation."
"Even if the star gods send axes, it won’t do. One person can cut down a few trees at most in one afternoon."
"What’s more, it’s necessary to process trees … the star gods are quite good at cutting trees … but that’s not coming …"
"Too much work … but I wish I could work like this all my life. The rice is so delicious."
"Yes, yes." The topic of rice resonated with everyone, and the number of speakers suddenly increased. "I heard the star god say that this is the right thing to eat meat casually."
"Eat meat casually? You even heard it in your dream. "
"I don’t think even the stars eat so much meat."
"The true star god said it himself," the man insisted. "He also showed me the picture."
"What picture?"
"God food as figure? That’s not the same as inside. "
We are all people who have eaten instant noodles, and we still have some experience about the "artistic exaggeration" of those pictures of Star God.
"No, it’s a new thing." The man gestured with his hands, feet and mouth. "The cakes on both sides clamped the stuffed meat …"