However, Biheng people are honest and clean, and they were equally rich in oil and water at the beginning. There was no greed for ink in the salt transportation position of Huaibei, so it is unlikely that he will be greedy for ink in the governor’s position of grain transportation.

A figure appeared, but Du Qian listened to Du Qian’s way towards Chu Yi. "The governor just had a servant to come to the governor, saying that he had something urgent to summon him."
Chu Yi frowned and nodded to Bi Heng and Jiao Fang, saying, "When you urgently call Chu, you won’t stay with the two, and you will rest and wait for your will!"
Biheng and Jiao Fang got up and sent Chu Yi away.
Chu Yi hurried to see Zhu Houzhao in the leopard room, and when he met Zhu Houzhao, he sat there silently, and his heart could not help but give birth to some doubts.
When Zhu Houzhao was so calm, but for a moment Zhu Houzhao seemed to hear his footsteps and looked up.
See ChuYi Zhu Houzhao eyes a bright face somewhat laughed "Chu company you finally came I want to break my head"
Chu Yi looked at Gu Da with a puzzled look, and then looked at Zhu Houzhao. He couldn’t help wondering, "Oh, what troubles?"
Zhu Houzhao frowning way "is not the grain transportation governor Lv Wenyang! I didn’t expect this Lv Wenyang to be such a big disaster. "
Chu Yi knew from Zhu Houzhao that Zhu Houzhao even realized that once Lv Wenyang was desperate, it might lead to consequences. Otherwise, Zhu Houzhao would never call Lv Wenyang a catastrophe.
"Haven’t you handed Lv Wenyang over to the cabinet for investigation? You need to wait for news from the cabinet!"
Zhu Houzhao motioned for Chu Yi to sit down and look straight. "But I want to tell my big companion that Yang Qing’s family came to see me not long ago!"
Chu Yi said with a smile without surprise, "Oh, Yang’s adult has come to see you. Does it mean that Ge has made a decision to send someone to investigate Lu Wenyang?"
Zhu Houzhao nodded and shook his head. "Yang Qing’s family decided to take someone to investigate Lu Wenyang himself. I am worried about whether to promise?"
Chu Yi almost spit out the tea in one mouthful and gently coughed. Chu Yi looked at Zhu Houzhao with amazement. "Are you sure that Yang Tinghe is going to personally take someone to investigate Lv Wenyang instead of others?"
Chapter one hundred and seventy Then let him go!
It’s not surprising that Zhu Houzhao saw Chu Yi’s reaction. Even when he heard Yang Tinghe plead himself to investigate Lv Wenyang, he was very shocked.
Whether it is Zhu Houzhao or Chu Yi, they never thought about this possibility. I have to say that Yang Tinghe’s decision surprised everyone.
"Not long ago, Yang Qing’s family left me!"
Chu Yi naturally knew that Zhu Houzhao could not joke with himself about such a thing. He consciously asked because Yang Tinghe’s choice was unbelievable.
Slightly thoughtfully, Chu Yi looked at Zhu Houzhao and said, "Have you granted Yang Tinghe’s request?"
Zhu Houzhao shook his head slightly. "Where can I think that Yang Qing’s family will pray to investigate Lv Wenyang? I didn’t give Yang Qing’s family a reply."
Zhu Houzhao looked at Chu Yi and said, "I don’t know what do you think of Chu Da Companion?"
Chu Yi looked at Zhu Houzhao with a smile on her mouth. "I think that since the records of adults want to go and investigate Lv Wenyang’s position, I might as well approve Yang Tinghe!"
Zhu Houzhao surprised to see ChuYi way "big company Yang Qing home again how to say it is also the court records of officials, if really Lv Wenyang this person law day he may not dare to Yang Qing home hand!"
If Yang Tinghe goes to investigate Lv Wenyang’s officials, once there is an accident, it is the court’s face that is Zhu Houzhao’s intention.
ChuYi way "positions can think of these don’t Yang Tinghe he couldn’t think of? Since Yang Tinghe speaks for himself, let’s say that he is sure that he won’t go to Yang Tinghe. He wants to die! "
Listening to Chu Yi, Zhu Houzhao looked at Chu Yi intently. "Big company means that I will grant Yang Tinghe’s request!"
Chu Yi said, "Yes, it’s best to seal the imperial envoy of Yang Tinghe to facilitate Young adults to act cheaply!"
Zhu Houzhao sat there with a changeable look. Obviously, he considered Chu Yi’s proposal for a long time before Zhu Houzhao spat out a foul breath. "It’s just that since you also think Yang Tinghe is suitable, I will approve it!"
Chu Yi sent someone to spy on Yang Tinghe when he returned to the East Factory from the Leopard Room.
To tell the truth, Chu Yi suspects that Yang Tinghe’s move is likely to be a retreat. After all, Zhu Houzhao means that he is not prepared to promise Yang Tinghe’s entreaties.
In this way, Yang Tinghe can not only leave an impression of loyalty and straightforwardness in Zhu Houzhao’s mind, but also be able to retire safely.
This time he persuaded Zhu Houzhao to agree to Yang Tinghe’s request, but he wanted to see how Yang Tinghe would react.
The will of heaven soon arrived at the pavilion in a short time.