Two gentlemen from Sin Chew smiled hypocritically and exchanged cordially, just like Chinese and American leaders shaking hands.

Cheng Jinzhou just raised his eyebrows behind him and was hit by a scroll thrown by Bishop Kant.
"Look at it," Kant said to Cheng Jinzhou with his eyes fixed on Guo Jing. "Did you bring this Li-class airship? Star warlock association really big "
"Where is the temple that sent Archbishop Kant to Daxia and gave him the title of’ God’s Visitor’?" Guo Jing can guess at the purple axis without looking at the scroll.
In the hierarchy of Temples, there are few opportunities to reach the purple axis. Even the cardinal’s mission is lavender. Now we can think of a special case, the "God Visitor"
Cheng Jinzhou slowly scrolls from right to left, dazzling bright gold is an ancient writing that makes people worry.
Behind them, the astrologers gave a breath chill sound one by one.
Several priests who just landed on the airship sent messages in a hurry.
Father Li Zhong hesitated to stop it.
It doesn’t take much effort to see fireworks rising at the location of Xiajing Temple, although it is not as beautiful as the fireworks behind Bishop Kant’s ass
Kant lifted his Roman formal suit to reveal his hairy belly button, and then swung his waist. "You will have to deal with it later, Lord God, but don’t put your mind on simple writing."
"Is there no ceremony or anything?" Cheng Jinzhou shook a scroll and then looked at the golden words in his eyes. "What did you say? I don’t know. "
Kant suddenly coughed violently.
Guo Jingyin smiled. "Mr. Cheng, the policy of the Star Warlock Association is always harmonious and friendly. You will not change your way of thinking because of Kant’s personal will. By the way, the door of the Star Warlock Association will always be open."
"What do you mean? Do you want to fight? " Kant listened to Guo Jing and cried with great anger.
Guo Jing said with a reserved smile, "Your Excellency, although your star array is the top ten, you are a four-level star warlock after all, and it is not necessary to have a star array."
Two four-level star warlocks fought each other, but they couldn’t get in touch.
Cheng Jinzhou just visible caught a star warlock and asked him to explain the elegant statement of the scroll to himself. After a little delay, he saw that Father Li Zhong also came to the airship.
If the former templar priest comes to the peripheral peninsula, he must be vigilant in many ways. However, Li Zhong, two existing astrologers from Xingzhou to Grade 4, has also been kept low-key.
Of course, he experienced seeing Cheng Jinzhou’s hand scroll and just laughed at it.
The dignity of the purple axis temple is beyond the understanding of Guo Jingxing’s warlock. It seems to Father Li Zhong that if the purple axis scroll is used, there is no advantage that is less than that of "God’s favor".
This title is more like the fact that individuals receive state aid materials on their behalf, which has great advantages for countries with low development level, but the developed areas are not very popular. They want to welcome them and have no resources.
The "God’s Protector" of the Temple is rarely born, and there is no history of summer.
After Cheng Jinzhou understood the translation, he whispered, "Mr. Cheng, before your Excellency is willing to deal with it, let’s confirm your thoughts. Are you going to deal with aid materials?"
He can’t help discussing the sharing of stolen goods on other people’s turf.
Cheng Jinzhou, on the other hand, thought, "How big is the influence of Taibai Temple on the court after all?"
"That depends on what you say?" Father doesn’t know what Cheng Jinzhou wants to discuss, and the airship environment is easy to make people feel unhappy.
Cheng Jinzhou shrugged and said, "I want to collect materials, such as a county or a state."
Father Li Zhong stare big eyes. "Do you know how many materials there are in a county? A county can be rebuilt every year, but not a county. "
"That depends on what kind of county and week you want to establish." Cheng Jinzhou had his own ideas and asked, "How much influence can you have on the court?"
Father Li Zhong shook his head and said, "The imperial court will balance the influence of the temple capital and the temple will balance the local influence of the astrology association. Generally speaking, we have less interference in the affairs of the imperial court."
"What interferes less?"
"The court doesn’t like the Astrologers Association because of its interference," said Father Li Zhong.
Cheng Jinzhou can understand the fact that Father Li Zhong is modest. He understands that Zhongshengtang has almost never intervened in the personnel and economy of the imperial court, which is also a special situation.
Looking up at Liu Kuang-xing’s warlock Cheng Jinzhou, I wonder if I have to find a royal warlock again.
In the sky, the Roman bathrobe and short-sleeved hunting suit almost touched each other, but both of them just talked and didn’t practice, and when they were low, they scolded and drank, they made more moves, but none of them looked like Nordic officials.
Another red light came.
The newly arrived star warlock shouted "Emperor Xia’s position is here …"
A group of people looked at each other.
Star warlocks can give the emperor the most prestige, that is, superficial courtesy. They are used to respecting Emperor Rizong, but they have never set foot on the outer peninsula, let alone "fly".
Chapter two hundred and five Emperor Lizong
Like all feudal emperors, it is quite complicated to manage the travel ceremony.
If it is land, his carriage must be six horses, and the so-called celestial six drivers are also; If you change to a sedan chair, it will be less than 12 people; Although the technology of the waterway dragon boat is backward in the 17th century, the emperor can still enjoy the big ship several times more than the luxury yacht of later generations. No matter from the transportation department or the luxury treatment, the emperor’s happiness is far better than that of the modern rich and powerful ruler. The servants can’t be allowed to pour wine in the extended car, and concubines rarely appear in several places, which is no less than the bedroom form to please the emperor.
However, in the case of flying, the emperor’s treatment suddenly fell to the bottom. Star warlocks will not please him like non-men in the harem. It is almost the best treatment for a star warlock to drag him behind, while ordinary star warlocks are eligible to take the airship. Although the royal family has also received gifts, it has always been sent by the Star Warlock Association. According to the rules, the emperor will not take it.
Father Li Zhong looked at Cheng Jinzhou Trail. "Shall we hide?"
"What?" Cheng Jinzhou is strange that he has never seen the ruler of this country-even some rulers can’t say that they are not curious.
The priest gently shook his head and said, "We are servants of the Star God. We are dedicated to the secular emperor for life. Before meeting, we need to draw up the details of the ceremony, especially your god …"
No, he said that Cheng Jinzhou also came here for nothing.