Ming Youhua, the demon king, raised his hand to stop the demon riot. The sound from the visor was still Gujingbo. "If you don’t open the door, we will kill you."

Tianyang roughly estimates that his star aggregates have recovered by about 40%, and he can barely be a variant at a time. "Then maybe I can get rid of you and then leave the door."
Youhua’s face is purple and the magic mountain is full. "We are trapped in this town. I can’t remember how long it took me to see people around me demonize, change and finally become this ghost."
"Even so, we don’t want to stay in this town. The thing that calls itself’ Papman’ promised that it would take us away on condition that we do it before then."
"We fulfilled our promise and it finally knocked down the door, but you did. I don’t know how you can acquire it. Maybe you are the same kind, but I don’t care about this."
"My only heart is that door. If you have to knock it down!"
Tianyang spread his hand and said, "I just said that I refuse to let you out. My kind will be killed or injured."
Youhua stepped forward. "I will restrain my people and I promise I won’t hurt your kind."
Tianyang sneered, "You guarantee that you are worthless, perhaps because you have killed many of my compatriots before. What’s worse, I’m not used to putting the initiative into the hands of others and putting thousands of similar lives in the hands of demons for self-restraint."
There was a sudden burst of anger in the armor, and Youhua suddenly stepped forward and instantly appeared in front of Tianyang. He leaned out and looked at the magic shadow and grabbed the young neck.
"If I wanted to kill you, you would have died a thousand times. Now give me the door!"
Tianyang put away the magic shadow, and whether the light disappears or not, he faced the demon king with an unguarded attitude. "I’m here. You can kill at any time if you want."
Another long whistle.
Youhua was covered with fog and flames, and the strong wind blew up, which made Tianyang unable to breathe well. His arms trembled and his fingers loosened bit by bit.
Back two steps, there was a hoarse voice in the armor. "How can you help us get out of here?" Leave this hell! "
Tianyang thought for a moment and said, "You just said that Papman made an agreement with you and you got a chance to get out of town."
"That’s right!"
Tianyang nodded his chest. "The guy who calls himself a’ separatist’ has been absorbed by me now. I believe you are aware of this. In this case, let’s continue this agreement."
"I will let you leave in a thousand years."
You Hua immediately objected, "No, this time limit is too long. We can’t wait that long! A hundred years at most! "
"Don’t you freedom is worth one hundred years? You also underestimate the price of freedom for a hundred years. This is my biggest concession, "Tianyang said indifferently.
In the square, a roaring wave seems to drown Tianyang like a tsunami.
You Hua raised his hand again and held out three fingers to Tianyang "in three hundred! It can’t be any more. I doubt whether humans can live this long. "
Tianyang raised a slap. "This is my rock bottom price for 500 years. If you don’t want to promise and stop talking, you can try your best to kill me, but I will try my best to escape."
"But if I leave, you will never leave town!"
Yan demons immediately roared, and some high-level Yan demons were even more murderous. If Youhua didn’t allow them to rush to kill teenagers early.
It took you a while before he said, "All right, then we’ll be here in 500 years, and it won’t work for even more than a second. You must open the door for us to leave the family!"
Tianyang nodded. "But if you promise to promise yourself, I don’t think I can command you’ cute’ people."
Youhua stretched out a finger and tapped the crown of black fire on the top of his head. "This is a king. Every race in the cracks will have a king. Every king will have a king."
"If you have a kingship, you can dominate your people. I can give you a part of the kingship. If you have it, you will have my equal power."
He moved the tip of his finger to draw a wisp of black fire from the crown and danced in the black fire to build a small pocket crown.
Tianyang spread his hands.
Youhua did not immediately give him the pieces of the king’s ware. "Do you want to promise yourself?"
"Papman is like a guarantee?" Tianyang asked
"It’s eternal night in the universe" swears that if it doesn’t keep the lie, it will fall into the eternal night "
Tianyang shrugged his shoulders. "Then I’m the same as’ Universe Forever Night’. I promise the Yan Devils that I will get the chance to leave here in five hundred years."
"If I don’t keep my promise, let me fall forever."
He doesn’t know what the universe is forever, and he doesn’t know what the consequences of falling forever are. He seriously doubts that such vows are not binding.
Unexpectedly, when I finished the last word, Tianyang clearly felt that the original furnace in the wilderness of consciousness actually shook up and something was connected.
Tianyang Zheng, did the oath really take effect? What the hell is the eternal night in the universe
"good. remember your promise."
Youhua’s little black crown of fire fell to Tianyang palm with a single shot, and it disappeared in the palm of his hand.
Then the day after tomorrow, a crown pattern of black fire appeared in Yang’s eyes. He felt that he had established some kind of connection with the Yan demons in the town. In this connection, he was at the top of the doubt and learned the names and abilities of each Yan demon
A lot of information washed away his brain, and it took a long time for Yang to come to his senses.
"Then the first thing to do is to recall the demons from the cracks. They have to go home."
Teenagers are like this.
Chapter 43 combs and summarizes
In the underground square, the demons gave way to a larger area, and they stared at Tianyang with some tension and expectation in their eyes.
Even the ice crumbs in Youhua’s face armor are much brighter.
Tianyang breathes, adjusts emotions, and mobilizes dark particles to surge at a certain special frequency. In this state, Tianyang feels that his spirit is precipitated and trapped in a higher level of exploration towards consciousness and soul.
Then he realized’ quality’, which was like a kind of handle, an innate advantage.
Although this’ quality’ was taken from the separatists.
Papman’s "quality" is not only a fact of "door". Teenagers feel that the separatist quality has not been digested yet. Maybe it is a new "quality" that will be awakened after digestion.
But now Tianyang has mastered a quality
Cracked door and incomplete.
Looking up slightly, Tianyang made a ring.
In the crisp sound, a pair of interlaced black wings appear in the square, and the wings are outlined by silver brilliance, which outlines every feather line.
It is full of illusion, deep in color and slightly transparent.
The wings spread gently with this movement, and a light spot first appeared.