There is no denying that Guqing’s fighting capacity is not inferior to that of the five-fold and five-fold peak of Shinto. However, it is only a few decades since he entered the realm of cultivating immortals. Compared with those old Shinto masters, he is going to be pursued by Zhang Xuan, who is bent on fleeing and does not confront him head-on. If it is not for his new plane, he will be dumped by Zhang Xuan for several times!

Rao is so. When he really chased Zhang Xuan and killed the Shinto quadruple master, it still took five months to return to the Juexiu Immortal World again. It was already half a year later.
He didn’t go back to the Grand Que to cultivate immortals. Now he has settled the feud with the Sword Clan. Maybe he will return to the Grand Que because of Xu Bingning and Gu Xiaolin!
After identifying a direction, Guqing has appeared in a dense jungle. After arranging a warning and defense array, Guxiaolin, Xu Bingning and Ye Xueqin appeared in the array at the same time!
"GuQing this is ….." Suddenly appeared outside Xu Bing condensate show a short does not adapt to, but soon her eyes fell on Ye Xueqin body to detect each other more than her appearance and temperament after some hostile tone, "who is this girl? Guqing, won’t you introduce us? "
The blood-shedding bracelet department of Phoenix is greatly improved. For the sake of safety, Gu Qing specially assigned Ye Xueqin and Xu Bingning to different areas, so she didn’t know Ye Xueqin’s reality!
"Xu Bingning?"
"Who are you?"
Ye Xueqin snorted "Ignorance!"
"You …"
Gu Qinggen was too lazy to pay attention to the fact that the two gods felt the recovery of an ancient Xiaolin’s soul, and his face slightly revealed a smile. "This kind of soul strength is enough for soul transfer, Xiaolin. Don’t worry, you can restore to a human body."
The bird’s body, Gu Xiaolin, was chirping and screaming happily. From that call, everyone can hear her heartfelt joy and expectation!
"You’ve been wronged over the years."
"GuQing you haven’t introduced me to your friend, she …"
Xu Bing’s words haven’t been finished yet. Gu Qing is a direct instant. Ye Xueqin’s eyebrows are of the earth. God’s knowledge energy suddenly rushes out of the blink of an eye. She has smashed her soul into pieces. The most outstanding true brother of Tianzong, Zhen Xi Wangfu, is so stunned.
See GuQing suddenly to kill Ye Xueqin Xu Bing condensate got a fright "GuQing you … how did you …"
"This is my little Lin looking for a new body!"
After that, Gu Qing’s eyes once again fell on Gu Xiaolin’s light body. "Don’t worry, there will be no pain. You need to close your eyes for a while and then open them again, and then spend some time with this body. Leave his affairs to me!"
After the replacement, the gods in Gu Qing’s mind immediately escaped and wrapped Gu Xiaolin’s soul from the bird and quickly put it into Ye Xueqin’s body!
Now he already has Shinto four realms’s spiritual cultivation power, which is more powerful than the previous airway. I don’t know how many times it is to help an ordinary person to transfer his soul without any difficulty. A breath of Gu Xiaolin’s soul has been successfully transferred and fused with Ye Xueqin’s flesh!
Hesitated for a moment, Gu Qing once again infiltrated the divine knowledge into Ye Xueqin’s body, recorded the operation mode and change mode of her body, and then forcibly stripped and condensed this divine knowledge into a part of the imprint and merged with Gu Xiaolin’s soul, so that although she could not have the seven powerful powers of the elixir for a short time, it would take a long time to naturally control this seven powerful forces of the elixir according to this divine knowledge and become a real elixir master!
After all this, even if the ancient green Shinto Road is rebuilt four times, I still feel a sense of weakness, and the pain of peeling off the gods is not something that the idle Shinto master can stand. Doing so is almost equivalent to permanently losing part of the gods.
Gu Qing nodded his head and stared at the sight to regain his body, Gu Xiaolin!
A moment later, Gu Xiaolin slightly opened her eyes and opened her mouth to say something, but it was something that no one could understand. Even her face, which represented joy and laughter, was a little unnatural!
"Don’t worry, take your time. Get familiar with this new body when you need it!"
Gu Xiaolin nodded her head unnaturally, babbling and opening her mouth as if she were a baby just learning to speak!
However, after all, she is an adult, and she has experienced the human body before. The learning speed is not comparable to that of a baby. In less than half a day, she has been able to speak smoothly, and in three days, she has been walking slowly. After half a month, Kiki is no different from an ordinary person. Perhaps she has been angry with Gu Qing for not letting her stay away from the phoenix bracelet for decades, and she has been angry and has not talked to Gu Qing.
Nai Guqing can patiently accompany her to go to the capital of Daqi Dynasty with her and them!
Now Guding’s potential is several times stronger than that in the past. After learning that there is Guqing behind him, who dares to refute his meaning after even the Shinto master dares to slay the super strong? Even the royal family of Daqi is extremely respectful to him. If he wants to be the king of the mountain, he will be another king of the town.
Fortunately, Gudingzhong also knows that Guqing people know that in nine cases out of ten, they will not have anything to do with their Wuwei Wangfu, and they dare not look at the middleman too much. Although the situation is overwhelming, they have not made any overstepping moves!
However, because of Gu Qingwang, he has attracted many scattered practitioners from all over the country, and there are many three or four masters of Dan Dao, whose comprehensive power is greater than that of Qi royal family!
Moreover, with the help of Guqing’s prestige, the Daqi Dynasty fought in the east and conquered the surrounding major dynasties in one fell swoop. Even the powerful Shengguang Dynasty moved into the Daqi Dynasty after learning that Dihuang Ridge was destroyed by Guqing and a mysterious master. Now, the comprehensive power of the entire Daqi Dynasty is no less than that of the second-and third-rate sects in the cultivation of immortals. This glorious and prosperous scene is simply imagined by the Daqi Dynasty decades ago.
What can be met is that in the next few decades, with Gu Qing’s slaying of Shinto five masters before returning to Jianzong, this prosperous scene will continue for hundreds of years, and it is not impossible that it will develop into a sacred place for cultivating immortals!
Seeing that Gu Xiaolin has recovered almost, Gu Qing no longer waves, he turned to Xu Bing and said, "Now Xiaolin has recovered from Dan Daoqi. She is a little self-reliant in some ways, and I will prepare some protective artifacts for her. She should be taken care of again. Then we will not return from this star. I think you’d better stay here and spend more time with your family!"
"Never return from this star?"
Gu Qing nodded. "It’s up to you to decide whether to go or stay, but I hope you stay!"
Gu Xiaolin next to him couldn’t understand. "Why should we leave here?"
"Xiaolin, I have a very important thing to deal with when I go to the ancient world, so I have to go to the ancient world!"
"But I don’t want to leave!"
"Don’t want to leave?" GuQing look slightly zheng "when the earth I also promised to let you stay, didn’t you say that you will always go to the wild ancient world with me? Have you changed your mind now? "
"I …"
"Guqing, can you imagine how it feels to live in the same place for decades except for two people? I don’t think this prison-like life is what people want to pass! "
GuXiaoLin look complicated nodded some imploringly at GuQing "or … we don’t go, ok? Just stay here? "
"Stay here!"
"Yes, right here, right now, we have no danger. There is no enemy to threaten you. Miss and I can accompany you. You don’t need a goal that you don’t know why to go to the ancient world full of unknown wilderness to take risks …"
Before Gu Xiaolin finished her words, Gu Qing immediately waved "No!"
The third volume The stars gather together to discuss the two hundred and fifty-fourth time
"GuQing what do you have to go to the wild ancient world? Can an unknown mystery really make you do whatever it takes? "
Gu Qing frowned. "I have already said that there is nothing to explain!"
At this moment, even Gu Qing himself didn’t realize that he was finished. He didn’t have the patience to explain in detail for Gu Xiaolin. The resolute and unshakable look was the opposite of the pleasant appearance just now!
"GuQing … you …"
Gu Xiaolin’s face also showed a little grievance. "I’m worried about you, too. The ancient world is so dangerous. It is said that even the strong people in Shinto realm should be careful when they go there. I really don’t want you to go back to that life of being scared all day!"
"Xiao Lin, you don’t know that it is too important for me!"
"Is it more important than your life? More important than both of us? "
GuQing dazed hesitated to!
Just as the two of them saw some hopes and planned to continue to persuade, Guqing suddenly said, "Xiao Lin, if you want to stay here … I respect your choice and rest assured that I will come back when I finish what I want to do in the wild ancient world … if you want to stay in this star, I will stay here with you until one of us is completely ruined …"
Seeing this, Xu Bing and Gu Xiaolin looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes with a deep disappointment.
"If you are not in a hurry to answer, I can give you three days to consider!"
Guqing finished and went to a very luxurious hotel next to it.
At this moment, next to a Dan Daowu, dressed as a deacon of Guiyi Jianzong, suddenly came over and bowed to Gu Qing with a heartfelt respect and gratitude. "The younger generation Kim Jong-yang has seen the ancient ancestors of Gu Qing, and their blessings are endless!"
"What’s up?"
"The elder sent the ten thousand palms to teach, please welcome the ancient elder. I hope the ancient elder can move to the patriarch of Sword Sect. You elders have something important to ask the ancient elder to talk about!"
"Wan Jiantao?" Gu Qing’s brow wrinkled slightly. "I’ve settled with Wan Zhang. What does he want with me?"