Ah, there was a dull sound. I saw that huge stone statue was hundreds of meters high.

Leaves gone with the wind was dumbfounded immediately. How to fight this is that you are proficient in the stone man’s armor, and you are not half as good as this stone man. It seems that the shape of the six wings can spell this stone statue.
Thinking leaves floating can’t be be beheaded’s death. Seeing a stone beast pounce on himself immediately, it suddenly retreats. At the same time, skyshatter refers to cutting through the sky to meet and cut down abruptly on the stone beast. He heard Kara’s crunchy stone beast immediately change some gravel.
Staring at the ground, the broken stone leaves suddenly burst into laughter. It’s a group of hollow guys. That’s not the case. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, look up at the huge stone statue. Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, you yell, then take your knife and say that your body is tall and vertical, and you can scratch the head of the stone statue.
However, the sharp blow of Ye Piao was disappointed. After hearing the blood claw hit the head of the stone statue, it was crunchy, and then the stone statue roared and a huge stone fist was smashed like a huge meteorite slamming on Ye Piao.
A scream leaves floating from the high smashed mercilessly fell dust fortunately, zombies are stronger than if they were put in general practice, which is enough to make them half-dead.
Ahem, even this leaf floating is a bad feeling. The corpse gas in the chest was smashed. A disorder almost turned my back. Before Ye Piao slowed down, another big punch fell from the sky. A huge stone fist was almost smashed against Ye Piao.
Suddenly, the stone chips splashed and the air waves fluttered and the leaves were thrown away again.
Pei Ye Piao steadied himself and spat the rubble in his mouth past the giant’s fist just now. Ye Piao Piao can conclude that this is not a pure object attacking the stone statue, which can condense the dead around him and thus turn his attack power into his own.
Mom, how can such a monster be depressed? Ye Piao can’t help but scold.
It’s the first time that this powerful stone statue, Ye Piao, has seen stronger defense and stronger attack. This is simply a pervert, so wouldn’t the person who made it be even more perverted?
Seeing those small stone statues rushing to kill themselves, Ye Piao’s face was flushed with blood in his hand, and a handful of lotus flower flashing combat knives were hard to do, but your boss didn’t mean to do it, but you said that the four dances of combat knives in your hands, lotus flower shining, saw the strong wave surface of corpse gas sweeping, and brought up bursts of Yousen’s corpse fire, but it also killed these small stone statues. Actually, those are small stone statues. Compared with that huge stone statue, it is actually these small stone statues that are literally pulled and are bigger than Ye Piao’s number one and two.
However, these stone statues are not as dead as the big stone statues, and the pure object attacks can hardly be a threat to Ye Piao, who is torn to pieces by the powerful corpse.
The melee Ye Piao suddenly felt a strong sense of unease, and dared not think twice about it. He flew away at the cost of getting a punch, but just after Ye Piao left, a huge stone fist fell from the sky and hit a big hole on the ground again, and I don’t know how many stone statues were smashed by this punch.
A stone statue of a flying dog’s head landed on Ye Piao’s foot and bit Ye Piao with an open mouth, but Ye Piao crushed it with one foot.
Yelling at the huge stone statue, suddenly two black cyclones roared in their hands, nipping at the leaves from both sides, and the corpse exploded suddenly and violently. At the same time, they flicker again and dragged a long bloody shadow. Who knows that two black cyclones formed by the dead are chasing after each other, just like two targets are really chasing after each other.
Dark scold a leaf gone with the wind quickly jumped up, whose bosom friend just jumped up but was pinched by a stone statue, just like holding an ant, but fortunately, the leaf floated all over the body and formed a corpse cocoon, and the stone statue just pinched the corpse cocoon, but the leaf floated in the corpse cocoon.
Knowing the method of resin cocoon to resist the power of stone statues, Ye Piao simply went back to the resin cocoon and took advantage of this instantaneous body drop to dig out the talons of stone statues, but those two black cyclones had already hit the eyes.
Seeing that he was about to be recruited by Ye Piao, he hurriedly coagulated the gas part of the corpse outside the body, but at this moment, the sudden rupture in front of Ye Piao showed a strange big hole. Before Ye Piao could react, an imaginary chaotic hand leaned out of the hole and grasped Ye Piao firmly. Then the chaotic hand retracted the crack and returned to its usual appearance, as if nothing had happened.
Two cyclones hit the stone, but looked around, and I couldn’t feel the leaves floating around, so the two cyclones burst and became dead, and the stone itself returned to its position and sat still, and everything was dead again, but in the dark, these seemingly ordinary stone statues seemed even more bizarre. Chapter 16 Immigrants of the Universe
Ye Piao doesn’t know where this sudden chaotic hand will take him, but he knows that he has left the broken hell, although his end point is still unknown
After bringing all peace, Ye Piao was thrown by chaotic hands from confusion and fell into a piece of dust, at the same time, a voice called brother.
Well, in the middle of nowhere, my heart trembled and I quickly looked up and saw a black Ye Feier, who descended like a happy elf. I hugged my heart and cried, Brother, you are finally here again. I miss you so much.
Phyl Ye Piao murmured and looked at the girl in her arms again. Yes, Phyl is her sister. Ye Piao looked around at the huge stone pillars of the dark ancient temple. This is the main hall where the gods are killed.
Ye Piao We meet again on a rainy day with a smile in front of Ye Piao. Was it just that he forcibly detained himself from hell, thinking that Ye Piao was still in his arms in the middle of the night? Phyl didn’t get up from the ground in a hurry, but asked the rainy day elder that you had just made that chaotic hand?
Yes, yes, it was the rain cell phone that took you from another world. Hee hee didn’t speak on a rainy day, but Ye Feier smiled and looked really happy.
Ye Feier got up and looked at Ye Piao strangely. Rainy days are an ordinary-looking guy, but people are an unusually scary guy. It’s a strange spell to ingest, but it’s undeniable that this is also a horror spell that can catch another world target to yourself.
The three men sat in the brazier beside the stone bench in the main hall, projecting dim fire, and the leaves floated across to them. They asked on rainy days that their predecessors didn’t know what had brought me here.
Rainy day smiled and said, because I feel that you are on the way to a dangerous place, I will take you in to avoid you from approaching that place. If I am not mistaken, you should not be in the human world when I take you in.
Er, Ye Piao smiled and nodded. I was not in the human world. I was taken to a broken hell by Jiumai. I thought about it, but I didn’t want to meet a group of strange stone statues, especially the big stone statue. The strength was abnormal. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would be tortured to death by that stone statue sooner or later.
Ye Feier sat quietly beside Ye Piao at the moment but didn’t speak.
Rainy day smiled slightly and then said, your strength is no match for the guardian stone statue now. Fortunately, you met one. If you really pass that farewell, you will be a group of guardian stone statues. At that time, you don’t know how to die.
Listen to the rainy day, Ye Piao suddenly felt cold sweat and startled for a moment. Ye Piao hurriedly asked the rainy day predecessors, as if you knew the origin of those stone statues.
Of course, I know that those stone statues are remnants of the wilderness, but they are strong enough to be abnormal in rainy days. I smiled and said that a group of survivors of the wilderness have come to Taikoo, and the monsters in the wilderness are isolated from the world. It is absolutely impossible for you to compete with them.
Ye Piao listened, and suddenly a flash of light flashed in my heart, and I was startled and asked, Senior Rainy Day, don’t tell me that the farewell party is the lair leading to the adherents of the wild world.
Well, you’re right. The farewell to the world is really the way to the real world. It’s a legacy from the flood season. The nation is very exclusive, that is, it’s the same as China, but they still won’t accept you. It’s raining hard.
Wait, it’s a rainy day. Did you just say that the world is also a broken world? Ye Piao frowned and asked him how many pieces of the world he didn’t know.
No, it’s a complete world, and nothing can break it. Even if the ancient gods return to the wild and reappear strongly, it is impossible to break the real world. It is the source of the world and the land of ancient gods. The real world is always so mysterious. So far, a person has touched the edge of the real world, but he still retired. It seems that he is longing for this real world in rainy days.
who is it?
Nine-pulse rainy day said this name again, then turned to look at Ye Piao and smiled slowly, saying that in fact, a strong one in your corpse clan is really bound by some kind of unclear connection. Can you guess who it is?
Leaves gone with the wind first confused looked at the rainy day and then thought of a name immediately in his mind, but he was not sure whether it was a corpse ancestor general.