Huang Xuan "oh" a.

Ms. Calais waited for a while to meet Huang Xuanzhen. She didn’t flatter her. She said disappointedly, "How much commission are you going to pay?"
"According to the market price, such as double? In wartime, the employment price of travelers often rises to 3 times, 5 times and 1 time, so many travelers migrate from war to war like nomads. Of course, they can’t fight every moment, and the average price is still very good.
"What about the quantity?" Garayne’s sweet face is business as usual.
Huang Xuan shrugged. "The more travelers, the better, but I may ask them to keep the number of combat travelers recruited by our base at about 4."
The combat travelers mentioned here are those who fit enough but don’t contribute enough. Just like the combat travelers from R plane college, the combat travelers are recruited and the travelers are hired.
The quantity required for Huang Xuan is rare even in plane. Calais looked at him carefully and said, "You should know that the price of a 15-level traveler will be 50,000 calories a day, and it will not be less than 30,000 calories for a long time. If it is doubled again, it will cost about 2.2 billion calories a year."
Huang Xuan knew the market, but he was still stunned when he heard it. It seems that this is how Mr. Comas spent his money. He smiled, "I am responsible for energy consumption."
Most people who hire travelers don’t own a base. They just want to finish some work, but Huang Xuan has different requirements. He needs travelers to output high and instant energy, and the consequences will be very serious. On the other hand, he is not worried that travelers will make energy indiscriminately, and it is difficult for them to want energy in non-war.
Calais seems to have a screening energy limit screen. After silently calculating, he said, "Usually, the employer will reduce the commission by 7%, but if you want to hire for one year, I think few 15-level travelers will ask for the price of 100 million hot circles."
"The maximum output of a 15-level traveler is 195 thermal pounds. You can advertise that if the maximum output of a 15-level traveler reaches 19 thermal pounds, I will pay him 1.5 billion thermal circles a year." Huang Xuan is not short of money at all.
Calais immediately nodded and thought that he finally received a good business today.
Plane world advertising also pays attention to brevity, but on the other hand, many types of advertisements can be accompanied by detailed inquiries for those who need them.
After Huang Xuan’s request in Calais, he suddenly laughed. "If there is a senior traveler applying, would you like it?" What about the bid? "
Senior travelers need hundreds of millions of hot spots to hire a day, and more than 100 million jobs are needed with a little trouble. Moreover, they usually come out to work when they are short of money, and there are few long-term jobs.
Huang Xuan still thought of a "senior traveler must be set up as a base"
Calais smiled and felt that Huang Xuanji had blocked the way for senior travelers, but he continued with surprise. "So, according to the price of 15-level travelers, it is necessary to hire about 2.5 billion hot circles for 24-level travelers every year compared with 7-level travelers, and 40,000 a year is required?"
"That’s right"
"Then I’ll set the advertisement according to this requirement," Calais said, looking at Huang Xuan’s shoulder ball and grinning. "I’ll broadcast all the information to the major travelers’ networks, and travelers will charge 60 thousand for 24 hours when they often go to entertainment places to distribute advertisements."
Huang Xuanmeng coughed a lot. Now he is very rich and doesn’t want to be slaughtered. "When did I say that advertising has doubled?"
Calais was embarrassed. "I, Mr. Huang, don’t mind the small money."
Huang Xuan’s mouth twitched. "I don’t mind giving beggars 10 thousand, but I can’t give each beggar 10 thousand. I need … oh, 14 hours of advertising, and can you arrange 12 hours of advertising when you remove your system from the current 14 hours?"
Listening to Huang Xuan compare himself with a beggar, Calais’ face was so colorful that he reluctantly said, "We can finish it in 3 minutes."
"Fifty thousand in 13 and a half hours," Huang Xuan snorted and got up. "If your advertising team employs senior travelers, I’ll double it."
Ms. Calais stood up without getting angry and said, "Even senior travelers are not as good as our team. If we can, let’s sign up."
She really has a lot of business tolerance. Huang Xuan laughed and didn’t change because of the other person’s good temper. Bullying and squeezing people is not only a dandy but also a sign of dandy.
Chapter six hundred and three Recruitment (3)
Renting a room in the middle section of Huangxuan Central Avenue is said to cost 20 thousand a day, which is much more expensive than the presidential suite, but it is still difficult to show off.
After all, the place in the Internet is amazing. Huang Xuan made a whole place of at least 20,000 to 30,000 square meters. People couldn’t see the room clearly, and then a chair was placed at the door, and a table and a chair were placed hundreds of meters away.
With a table, it is natural to sit by yourself in Huang Xuan’s big bursts, just waiting for the candidate to come to the door, thinking about what kind of human resources small officials are looking forward to most, that is, they are in such a condition that they don’t say anything and don’t bring people in with their expressions, so they have a feeling of awe-they don’t get two pilots to come over with their expressions, and they can’t tell whether the man 200 meters away is sneering or not laughing.
The advertising company with a string of names still has a lot of skills. As soon as Huang Xuan was ready, four or five people came to sign up.
Although it is a good level 2 traveler, the war damage rate of 15% is quite amazing, but for one thing, the high salary is attractive, and for another, there are different dangers for travelers to travel on their own. It is not surprising that the plane belongs to the plane.
Huang Xuan got out a dozen energy screens in front of himself, no matter where they are, and then pulled the tail to say "come in"
Five people came in as soon as possible.
Huang Xuan regretted it at this time. How should I get two more people to come over? It’s better to sort out a discipline. What’s the matter with myself and a leather bag company?
Five people staring at a chair have their own ideas.