Charles Kuaiyin shouted in his mind to try to wake him up, and soon he got a response from Kuaiyin.

"Give me a child, give me a hand …"
"I have to get rid of Baron strack’s manipulation …"
But just as they were communicating consciously, Hydra’s damn brainwashing spell came out again.
"Obey you and you will find the meaning of life. Obey you and you will be liberated. Take a deep breath and calm down … You know what the best choice is-obeying us is the best choice. Obey you and you will be rewarded. Are you ready to obey us?"
Baron strack’s voice is getting louder and louder, gradually overshadowing Charles and Kuaiyin. They can’t hear each other, and Baron strack keeps repeating in their minds.
"Obey you and you will find the meaning of life. Obey you and you will be liberated …"
"Pietro! Pietro! " Charles tried to increase his voice, but he was not proficient in his ability. It was difficult for him to overcome the brainwashing spell that Hydra had left in Petro’s mind for a long time.
"Pietro Pietro …" Charles kept trying, but his voice became weaker and weaker.
He doubt whether he can save Kuaiyin brainwashed by Hydra.
But then suddenly there was a sound in my mind.
"Pietro, Charles all call it up! You are mutants. Don’t let the hydra trick defeat you! ! !”
At this time, the sound of high flying sound is deafening in their dim consciousness like thunder and lightning!
"President Gao and Gao Fei?"
Charles smell speech one leng horse up the spirit.
Does President Goofy also have mind control?
The magic is that the boring brainwashing spell of hydra seems to have disappeared after the sound of goofy sound, and there is a short silence in their consciousness.
Charles hurriedly took the opportunity to call Kuaiyin Avenue "Pietro, wake up! Get out of strack’s control and don’t let him control you again! "
After Charles called again, Yuan curled up and bowed his head, and Kuaiyin suddenly raised his head.
His muddy eyes suddenly became clear and locked, and his brow stretched out.
"I can’t be controlled by strack anymore …"
"I want to shake it up!"
Chapter 444 Collect Fast Silver to Socovia
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the change of Kuaiyin. It was obvious that he was out of the control of Baron strack at this time.
"Pietro, how do you feel?"
Charles asked in the previous step, holding fast silver arm.
"I need … help"
Fast silver as if just rescued from drowning shoveled gasped
"And my sister, please help Wanda! She is still in strack’s hands! "
Then Goofy went to Kuaiyin and put his hand on his shoulder.