Each team or production team will set up its own Cuju team, and the number of people will be limited when it is limited, and the number of goals will be fiercely judged to win or lose.

The final winner will be awarded the honorary title of "Competitive Champion", "Sports Expert" and "Cuju King" and a little material reward with an honorary nature greater than the economic nature.
What everyone pursues is not economic reward, but happiness. Pure competitive sports bring happiness.
The kind of stadium that dribbles past people and scores points is really great.
In this era when popular entertainment activities are seriously scarce, there is no doubt that the new cuju can sweep away the fatigue caused by work and they can cheer and sweat heartily.
Chapter 1543 There is not a Su Yonglin.
From the seventh year of Hongwu to the year of Hongwu, due to its strong antagonism and appreciation, the new cuju gradually took the place of various recreational activities in major regions of China.
With the love and pursuit of the workers, the families of the workers around the factory gradually like the new cuju meeting. When the workshop is resting and the Cuju League is held, they go to the factory to watch the game.
If the workers’ families like it, it will drive the small traders in the surrounding counties to pay attention, and the small traders will naturally drive the surrounding rural residents to pay attention.
Therefore, the Ministry of Sports and Farms has also started a new type of cuju competition, and the general farm departments have launched a very enthusiastic new type of cuju competition, and they are also planning to engage in special activities during the slack season.
As a result, in some areas where the mass activity is relatively high, the new cuju has quickly become the first sports event in the popularity of the masses.
And in his sparsely populated areas, this sport has quickly gained popularity among people.
Knowing this fact, at the end of Hongwu’s ninth year, Su Yonglin reached a new imperial edict to encourage and support sports farms to hold new cuju competitions.
And called on all counties, state capitals, provincial farms and major workshops to contact each other and hold some joint competitions of two workshops or three workshops.
Everyone can jump out of their own workshops and farms to join other workshops and farms to hold friendly competitions with cuju teams in other workshops and farms, and try each other’s weight to broaden their horizons and learn from each other’s strengths to exercise better competitive level.
Su Yonglin’s call soon got a positive response from everyone.
From the beginning of the friendship competition between workshops and farms in various counties to the beginning of the twelfth year of Hongwu, the new-style cuju competition has a trend of jumping out of the county to the state capital.
The new cuju is in full swing, and Su Yonglin has also heard about it. Now he just came to the workshop to look at the workers’ playground, which is very modern. He is very happy and wants to have a cuju competition with everyone.
Although we are all amateurs, there are differences between amateurs.
Su Yonglin is busy in the DPRK, and occasionally he plays a few games. Of course, he is far less than the players of these workshops.
It can be said that which team he joins falls into the absolute wind level, which is quite smelly.
He tried to play a trick to pass the ball, but the person passed the ball back to the original place.
He wanted a lion to flick his tail, but he kicked his tail. Did he fly back or did he fly back?
He wanted to make a breakthrough with the ball and go straight to it, which was as fast as flying. Almost no one stopped him in front. He rushed directly to the goal and watched Meng force the goalkeeper to volley a beautiful goal comparable to the world wave.
Just as he was about to celebrate, he found that everyone in the stadium looked at him with complicated eyes, and the workers and the masses looked at him with complicated eyes.
Oh, it turns out that he volleyed vigorously at his own door
So Su Yonglin was ashamed to hide his face and left the automatic field no longer.
Nevertheless, despite his poor footwork, blindness and poor skills, everyone knows that he is a good player and his own goal has not changed everyone’s respect for him.
Therefore, even though Su Yonglin’s team lost the victory because of his own goal after the 32-point score of this confrontation friendship practice match, it still did not prevent the organizer, that is, the workshop, from awarding Su Yonglin the [Best Participation Award].
Su Yonglin was ashamed to accept this award and then extended sincere greetings to the members of his team and said that he would treat them to a big meal out of his own pocket.
From the restaurant in the county town, I called for takeout, all the meat dishes and braised pork.
So once again, the venue was full of joy.
After this pleasant visit, Su Yonglin bid farewell to the workers and repeatedly said that the new ruling group would take a new stance to safeguard the interests of the workers and peasants.
The nine-member group, the central meeting, the people’s representative meeting, and all institutional changes have made the workers and peasants have a better future, including his not being emperor
After bidding farewell to Qihe Smelting Workshop, Su Yonglin also plans to visit three workshops and six individual farms around for about three days.
During the three days, Su Yonglin visited nine representative places of individual economy, inspected the operating conditions of these nine places, and then asked his entourage to check their respective accounts. Su Yonglin continued to have in-depth conversations with workers and farmers.
After in-depth talks with farmers and workers, Su Yonglin expected that he found that people were worried for a high degree of consistency.
They are worried that the new rulers will not treat Su Yonglin as human beings after he becomes emperor. They are used to Su Yonglin’s sheltered life, and leaving Su Yonglin will make them feel comfortable. They will worry about being bullied by the bureaucrats again.
Because of the special circumstances and propaganda problems in the past, they believe that Su Yonglin knows little about other central officials, and they don’t know their political positions and personal concepts.
This kind of information gap brought about by the serious ignorance of central officials has become the basis for some people to attack the people’s anxiety
They succeeded in making Su Yonglin suffer a loss by selling anxiety and benefiting anxiety, and had to show up in South Shandong to solve the problem. Now the biggest problem is whether Su Yonglin can solve it once or not.
Su Yonglin communicated with farmers and workers to let them know that all this was his own will, and also began to decorate Xuankou on the spot.
From this moment on, the propaganda for the leadership of Zhongdu will change, from the propaganda for Su Yonglin to the propaganda for the body.
Anyone who has done anything and made any contribution must be publicized, so that people can know that Su Yonglin is not the only one in the big country, and the people insist on the welfare of the people. There are still many people who are unknown before.
Now, everyone can understand and must know that there are many people in Zhongdu City who are happy and constantly struggling, and who have made contributions to their beautiful life.
There is not a Su Yonglin in a big country, and there are many, many people.
Chapter 1544 He didn’t leave the masses.
When Su Yonglin talked with workers and farmers about these things, he began to publicize the people around him.
For example, when Tian Jue worked hard to repair the Yellow River for five years, for example, he personally defeated the powerful enemy to protect the country and protect the people, Xin Qiji, for example, he stayed up all night long to punish corruption and pervert the law, Kong Maojie.
He wants people around him to make propaganda. He wants to look after people and make a name for themselves. He wants people to know that the leaders of the new country are not traitors.
He hopes that these people who have made a lot of contributions will not be forgotten or deliberately ignored. They need fame, they need fame and they need the ruling foundation.
Su Yonglin wants his prestige. These people build bridges and pave the way for them to create fame and maintain the new political system.
In this period, he deeply felt the people’s heart and trust in him and saw the excitement and piety in the eyes of the people when they looked at him.
They looked at him as if they were looking at God, as if they regarded him as a complete God, worshiping him sincerely, believing him and being happy with everything he said.
Su Yonglin shook hands with them, and they immediately blushed and said they would not wash their hands in the future.
Su Yonglin patted them on the shoulder, and they immediately took off their clothes and said that they should be a treasure for future generations to let them know that it was once touched by an adult emperor.
Su Yonglin had a cordial conversation with them. Few of them could keep calm in front of Su Yonglin except nodding and nodding again. He was so excited to talk freely.
Workers or farmers, but anyone who is a little old has suffered from the hardships of Emperor Xu Guo, and Su Yonglin is grateful for pulling them out of their misery.
However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a new generation was born, which did not suffer much. At present, there are still many children, and parents and elders also taught that Su Yonglin is a great benefactor of their family.
Maybe they don’t know exactly what Su Yonglin is and what they have done, but they will know sooner or later.
The most exciting group of people to see Su Yonglin is the old farmer.
Especially when I saw Su Yonglin, I immediately stared at Su Yonglin, opened my mouth and trembled, pointing to Su Yonglin and shed tears and couldn’t say a word.
Su Yonglin’s first few steps, the old farmer will kneel down and kowtow, saying that he would like to thank Su Yonglin for saving his life and thanking him for making his own incense so kind that he will never forget anything from generation to generation.
Su Yonglin can also help the old farmers to help others up and ask them kindly if their lives are enough, such as food, whether their grandchildren have schools or not.
The officials who followed Su Yonglin also lamented this and felt that this scene in front of them was absolutely a spectacle that could never be seen before.
Su Yonglin didn’t know them unless he was their relatives and friends, but if Su Yonglin stepped forward for a few words, Su Yonglin immediately merged into this group of people and there was no gap with them.
However, farmers and workers did not reject Su Yonglin. He accepted him as if he were a relative of his own family. He warmly invited him into the house to drink water and eat. He usually hid it like a baby and took it out for Su Yonglin.