So he stood there, flashing all over the road, saying nothing and not moving at all, completely standing still

A moment later, some vague and mysterious visions appeared one after another.
Of course, these are miraculous images, far from being real war-pattern visions, but they are amazing enough, and people are not shocked at the moment.
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-five Tao operator pure land vision?
"Ling Zun is quite pretty. Do you want to continue?"
Peacock is quite quite re-manifesting Terran Law. Before Xiao Mo, she asked sadly if she was really stupid. She knew that the holy father was in an important place and could not be disturbed.
Xiao Mo language to look at her-this also ask?
"Just be pretty and keep your eyes open, and don’t let anyone near you."
The mother peacock raised her fist. "Well, it’s pretty. Never let anyone near her mother. It’s pretty, but it’s very powerful!" "
Little Monet caressed his forehead. The child is not stupid, but … it’s really stupid.
At the same time, the three groups of mountain masters and apprentices couldn’t figure out the situation and dared not make a move at the moment, but whispered to each other.
"Master, that man is enlightened. This is a great opportunity. We have a great winning rate now!" The young male brother pressed his voice and said that he wanted to be proud once, so his desire to fight was more urgent than ever.
Fat listened to it, but it was like a fire. My ass raised my hand and slapped it in the past. I growled, "Kill your mother, and no one will talk when you are dumb. Do you know? !”
After Qin Changfeng’s epiphany, although the fog and vision still covered his face, his unique breath escaped inadvertently, which made Zeng Luangu see him at close range, and he had a guess in his heart for the first time, and the reaction would be so great.
The male brother didn’t know this, so he was very wronged and angry. Another female brother really couldn’t stand it and said, "Master, why do you always grow up to be ambitious and destroy yourself?"
Fat also knows that the image of his disciples still needs to be maintained, so he whispered and explained, "What do you know about Peacock Sage? My brother Tiandi has deep roots. I can’t handle them, and the man on the top of the mountain is vaguely familiar to me. It may be a terrible taboo to live to the present in chaotic ancient times!"
"From chaos to the present taboo?" The two apprentices’ eyes widened and seemed shocked, but the conversation suddenly changed and they blinked at the same time. They said seriously, "Master, you claim to be such a person, but it doesn’t seem so terrible."
"You know a wool!"
Fat show a little frustrated mercilessly scolded "disorderly ancient is how an era you don’t understand, have you ever seen a group of phoenix when chickens are waiting to eat eggs every day? Have you ever seen the dark reckoning that lasted for several eras and even the fairy king trembled? Have you ever seen a scene where you walk around like a dog? Have you ever seen a friar chop off the immortal fairy king, the furious tianjiao? Have you ever seen a great fiend born with extraordinary mind and respect for bones or accompanied by a divine Taoist pattern? None of you have seen it, and Master, I have not only seen it, but also personally experienced that magnificent era and left a lot of traces! "
Originally, it was yelling, but in the end, I couldn’t help but turn into a self-boast.
The male brother shook his head and sighed, "Master, you have said these words many times, but it’s too unreal to make people believe. What’s the dark liquidation? It’s just a little theory. It’s possible, but the worst thing is that the fairy realm has cut off the fairy king. How can this character be impossible?"
The female brother then added, "The key is Master. You have white teeth and you can’t find evidence. We have dug so many ancient tombs and graves and found nothing to prove these words. Even your brother Tiandi is a mystery."
"Who says I have no evidence?" Fat head high cold hum "that’s the living proof on the top of the mountain!"
At the same time, the two were surprised, "How do you say?"
Fat faint way "you can’t be immortal body inverse cut fairy Wang Ren is him".
"This ….. this if it is true that he lived to this life that will become what kind? ! ! !” It’s too scary for the two brothers to feel cold and creepy. It’s one thing to say, but it’s quite another thing when something really appears.
When they calmed down a little, they quickly said, "Master, let’s hurry."
"It’s not easy to meet an old friend without leaving the division. It’s only natural that we should catch up with each other. How can we just walk away?" The fat monk stood on his hands and stood like a real master.
Two apprentices are about to cry. Although you are from a chaotic era, you are not at the same level, okay? People can kill the fairy king in ancient times, and you? Now even the statue is not so big, what’s the old good news!
"Master, judging from the situation just now, they don’t seem to be very friendly. Let’s go first and find a chance to catch up later."
"You’re not afraid. If only it were that one, we wouldn’t be in danger." Fat waved his hand and was very afraid of his disciples.
"Because he is sent to master! And the Emperor of Heaven is my brother. Speaking of it, I am one of his half brothers. I must have passed the test before I made the peacock family test. "The fat look proudly looks like the emperor’s younger brother."
At this time, his two disciples finally didn’t disagree with him again, and they both breathed a sigh of relief. Those illusory ancient myths are more about their own lives than them.
Then they respectfully greeted several times at the foot of the mountain, but they didn’t get a response. Instead, they aroused Xiao Mo’s disgust. After a cold hum, the three of them suddenly dared not wait again.
But it’s not their style, so the sound or whisper never stops.
Qin Changfeng, it seems that the Yuan God has entered a mysterious realm, where there are dense mysterious lines intertwined with the laws of truth, falsehood, causality and death.
These lines are the war lines of his avatar, and he feels that these war lines are changing mysteriously all the time.
Sometimes the only war pattern is merged with each other, and sometimes the virtual rain arrow, the sacred moon on the other side of the fairy tower and the blood yang of Shura are displayed separately.
Obviously, this is the birth process of war pattern vision deduction. Qin Changfeng method can rely on itself with the help of external forces.
And this process is not completely influenced by his control, he can guide the general direction in epiphany, but what the vision will eventually become is still influenced by the rule of "the avenue in the dark"
I don’t know how long it will take to see the sun rise, the sunset, the full moon and the lack of it.
Qin Changfeng was silent. At this time, Xiao Mo was used to waiting, while the pretty peacock sat with his hands propped up and looked at the holy father’s brother smirking. Sometimes he suddenly woke up and hurriedly converged his smile. It seemed that he remembered that the holy father said that he should keep the dignity of the strong and not be silly, but it was not long before he habitually laughed again.
A few people are waiting for the mountain master and apprentice, and they won’t leave. It’s not sure whether the master at the top of the mountain has never seen the appearance after all. It’s definitely not 100% sure to speculate only by breath and figure, but he won’t give up if there is a possibility.
He must seize this opportunity firmly, because he has been lonely for too long to find the trace of the old friend of that era. It is really hard for a person to have an unforgettable past but not find a familiar old friend in his memory.
While chatting, they were still bickering to pass the time, when they heard the boy brother sigh with emotion, "Master, I am not white … Since you are also a chaotic ancient world, the kill array Imperial Master was engraved with an era and was even a brother with the Emperor of Heaven, how can it be so different in the end?"